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Know your customers. Meet them where they are.

Powering personalized customer experience

How can you create and deliver consistent, convenient and personalized customer journeys that drive growth?
Understand more about your customers. Equip people to anticipate and respond to what customers need and expect. Do it all at speed and scale. You know what needs to be done. But how can you transform your front office to make it happen? 

Whether online or in-store, through a physical or virtual contact center, via your brand’s app or a third-party platform, every interaction should demonstrate your understanding of customer needs and preferences. That requires you to bring together systems, data, service, sales and field forces who interact with your customers every day. It also requires you to orchestrate your entire front office to deliver greater value than ever before. 

That’s where Accenture Advanced Customer Engagement solution can help.

This solution gives you a head start on building the workforce, platform and experience capabilities you need to unify your front office for higher customer satisfaction, improved employee experience and, ultimately, greater revenue growth. 

Customers want to self-serve anywhere, anytime with intelligent systems or interact with agents who are fully informed about who they are.

Omnichannel experience by design

Drive growth through intelligent customer engagement.

Will your customers use your mobile app, or will they look for you on other channels, such as Instagram, Google and Twitter, where they’re spending their leisure time online? More than ever, customers want the ability to engage with brands from wherever they are. They expect continuous, conversational experiences that can drop and pick back up at their convenience.
We power complex, personalized journeys that are continuous, conversational, and conclusive.
Whether solving simple problems or addressing more complex needs, customers are open to new interaction pathways that enable convenient, multiday journeys to the outcomes they seek. Success is no longer solely about average handle time or first-call resolution. It’s about becoming more predictive and proactive, so you can prevent problems and reduce reactive service interactions.

When customers do need to reach out, your front office should be equipped with the context they need to identify—and support—each person’s desired outcome. This is how companies can transform customer service from a cost center to a source of growth.

Human + machine culture

Create a workforce that is agile, future-skilled and data-driven.

To deliver next-generation journeys, companies need to integrate people, process, data, AI and machine learning into a human + machine operating model.

This model puts customer insight and intelligence at the core. It powers superior self-service experiences. It enables agents to be more effective. And it lets you continuously guide and improve customer, employee and business performance.
We tailor our human + machine operating model so that people can partner with AI to ensure employee and customer success.
Higher employee satisfaction correlates with higher customer satisfaction. The Advanced Customer Engagement operating model integrates human + machine talent, work orchestration and customer intelligence to improve employee experience, meet targeted customer outcomes and fuel business performance.

The secret to success is in creating a human + machine culture. Instead of taking an either/or approach, we focus on how humans enable machines and how machines enable humans. This could be agent assist technology that melds sales and service into a single interaction. Or it could be AI that dynamically pairs customers with the agents best suited to them.

AI technology & platform enablement

Operationalize AI and data for intelligent customer engagement.

Transforming to a human + machine operating model requires a holistic view of use cases, requirements and technological capabilities. It takes a roadmap to an intelligent architecture, built from interfacing technologies and platforms that integrate data from across the front office. The richer the data, the better the outcomes. And to unlock an “anywhere-anytime experience,” cloud-based intelligent technologies are essential. Learn more.
We blend intelligent technologies and cloud with enterprise customer engagement platforms.
Reengineer your technology stack to unify your front office—with your digital platforms and sales, service and field forces working in harmony to provide next-gen experiences.

We begin the process by identifying opportunities for efficiencies to self-fund new investments. Then, we map your use cases to requirements, systems and solutions. Harnessing enterprise and front-office platforms with cloud technology and artificial intelligence, we construct an architecture that unlocks the human + machine capabilities to power personalized omnichannel experiences at scale. Together, these changes help your customer service function make the critical shift from cost center to value creator.

Ecosystem updates

We partner with leading ecosystem partners to help push the boundaries of what technology can enable for your service function.
Accenture-Genesys strategic alliance
Our strategic partnership offers unrivaled value and expertise to help you deliver a personalized customer experience (CX) to your customers around marketing, sales, and service processes.

We achieve this at scale and across any channel by use of conversational AI – artificial intelligence powered chatbots and virtual assistants.
Are you ready to ace more personalized journeys?

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Reimagine and redesign omnichannel, purpose-driven customer service. By focusing on a core purpose, you can help meet customers’ needs, and deliver powerful brand relevant experiences, shifting the focus from cost to growth.

Cloud helps organizations handle and process high volumes data to create personalized omnichannel customer service experiences or journey at scale and speed.

By harnessing the power of AI, organizations can reduce operating costs to improve margin, scale and design personalized customer experiences, create completely new revenue streams by monetizing their data, unlock new efficiencies and growth, enable new ways of working, and accelerating game-changing innovation–3x faster than the typical product lifecycles.

Laying the foundation with a strong data strategy—regarding data culture, data quality and data privacy—is crucial to scaling AI successfully.  There are five key questions businesses should be asking themselves to create a holistic, effective data strategy.  Learn how to build a data strategy to scale AI.

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