Reinventing the energy network of the future

Utilities worldwide are adopting digitally enabled solutions for meeting the needs of a rapidly evolving energy landscape. Utility transmission and distribution businesses need to push boundaries, collaborate to innovate and strategically invest in solutions that will support the journey toward a more digital, distributed grid—one that will provide new value streams for businesses and expanded choices for customers.

Transmission and Distribution

Accenture's video shares how we can help you to improve capital efficiency and optimize operational costs in transmission and distribution. See more.

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Utilities control center of the future

The utilities landscape is constantly evolving to meet growing consumer expectations and harness emerging technology to provide clean, safe energy. This dynamic environment brings with it a need to empower operators to make data-driven decisions. Faced with increasing system complexity, the arrival of bi-directional grids and a host of new players, it has become essential for utilities to move from standardized operations and manual processes to predictive capabilities and integrated, intelligent decision making; operated from a digitally enabled transmission and distribution (T&D) control room. In an era where reinvention is standard, it is the organizations that can successfully harness and apply new technology to help engage their workforce that will thrive.



We use our deep industry expertise in digital asset management, smart infrastructures, field workforce and platforms to help companies create new asset and operational efficiencies, enhance workforce experiences and uncover new revenue streams.

Intelligent asset management

Implementing real-time solutions to connect and monitor assets using the Industrial Internet of Things and cloud applications.

Smart infrastructure

Modernizing networks and deploying new technologies enabling capabilities such as flexibility, resiliency, enhanced security and storage.

Connected worker

Leveraging mobile, asset tracking, analytics and wearable technology to effectively schedule, dispatch and execute field worker activities.

Industry platforms

Deploying cloud-enabled solutions built on industry-leading technology to reduce cost and increase speed to delivery.

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What we think

Accenture makes strategic investment in Reactive Technologies

Accenture has made a strategic investment, through Accenture Ventures, and formed a strategic alliance with Reactive Technologies, a London-based provider of power and grid technology, to help utilities accelerate the transition to low-carbon energy.

Enel Beyond the Cloud: More than a thousand sites connected by one of the world's largest network virtualization projects

Accenture worked with Cisco and Sirti to help Enel to create one of the largest corporate telecommunications network virtualization projects in the world.

Increasing extreme weather events threaten utility networks, highlight critical need for greater resilience

Accenture research shows most utility executives see growing financial risks from increasing extreme weather, climate change a contributing factor.

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