Semiconductor: The smart behind smart

Accenture embeds innovation in the semiconductor industry and adjacent ecosystems with strategic insights and actionable plans driving results.

Innovating across the ecosystem

See how Accenture is changing the semiconductor business to defeat challenges and meet the promise of a changing industry. The semiconductor ecosystem of Integrated Design Manufacturers, IP designers, fabless, foundries and equipment manufacturers are working together in new and different ways more than ever before.

This new way of working requires expertise from people who know how to harness the opportunities and find the right solutions that solve the semiconductor ecosystem intricacies. Accenture works with your company to manage these changes successfully to overcome disruptors, master the marketplace and avoid being commoditized.

Innovating across the ecosystem | Accenture

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Working across the semi ecosystem

As more companies move to the smart era of analytics, AI and the connected world, semiconductors define and advance this technology. We work across the entire semiconductor ecosystem providing all levels of engagement.

Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMs)

  • Competitive advantages leveraging AI/ML data
  • Hybrid manufacturing solutions for vital process/package technologies
  • Cost-savings strategies and tactics to move to a solutions-based enterprise

Fabless Companies

  • Infrastructure optimization as your supplier and customer base expands
  • Operationalizing data for faster time to insight
  • Strategic growth plan


  • Supply chain transformation and systems implementation
  • Embracing complex IC and backend planning needs for 2D, 2.5D, and 3D package techniques

Equipment Manufacturers

  • Monetizing new revenue streams with process development and collaboration
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Speed vs. efficiency trade-offs

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High Tech essays

High Tech is a fast-paced industry, at the forefront of any digital transformation journey. It can be overwhelming to stay in-the-know on the latest news and information on that journey. Accenture’s High Tech experts share their thoughts on the latest trends, current events and solutions for your company, clients and ecosystem in our essays.

Read the latest essays:

Semiconductor companies can reinvent themselves

Transform the core

Digitize and integrate design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and operations for new efficiencies.

Merge and acquire

Perform thorough pre-merger integration planning, clean room analyses and have a rigorous post-merger integration process to capture value.

Enable the smart behind the smart

Leverage data to bring companies into the smart era that their products have pioneered.

Manage the transformation smartly

Balance investment and resource allocation between the core and adjacent markets.

Re-architect the e-compute

Leverage the power of the cloud and high-performance computing to improve simulation, test time and design verification while reducing fixed costs.

Ecosystem strategic partnerships

Identify and assemble the right partners to drive new innovation and new capabilities while growing your revenue stream beyond the traditional markets.

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Case studies

How do you radically reposition after an industry collapse? Soitec has tripled revenue and profitability with Accenture’s Business Futures approach.

Manufacturers are cautious of cloud approaches, but manufacturing analytics can deliver proof of concept with on-premise application and data sets.

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The metaverse stole the show at the world’s biggest mobile event – and things got weird

Metaverse was the word on everyone’s lips at this year’s Mobile World Congress.  Discussions around metaverse seemed to get even less clear, but analyst believe it’s here to stay.

The State of the Global Semiconductor Chip Shortage

Syed Alam joins Cheddar Movers to continue the conversation on the global semiconductor supply chain and look ahead into the chip industry’s expected shortage to continue through 2022.

What chip shortages taught us about supply chain

The semiconductor industry is adapting in response, but it hasn’t been easy, and there are still chip shortages.

Why the chip shortage isn’t going away anytime soon

Domestic plants may be long-term answer for hard-hit industries, but CEOs need to do a better job of strategizing for the immediate future.

Global chip shortage problem may be 'Long Term' according to One Expert

Accenture's Global Semiconductor Lead Syed Alam joined Cheddar to discuss how the global chip shortage is continuing to roil multiple industries.

The chip shortage is bad. Taiwan’s drought threatens to make it worse

Island’s worst dry spell in half a century has added to the challenges facing a center of semiconductor manufacturing.

What we think

It’s no surprise that fabs are continuously innovating and transforming. There are huge opportunities to pull in emerging areas and still keep pace with the demand as computing becomes an aspect of day-to-day life.

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Frequently asked questions

Accenture can help semiconductor companies reinvent themselves to build supply chain resiliency, engage across the ecosystem, drive mergers and acquisitions, and help design the next generation of chips.
A modern supply chain is built to be scalable and resilient to disruptions. An effective semiconductor supply chain has diversified their suppliers across each channel may also conduct tests or centralized monitoring and has vertical insight to identify potential trouble areas.
The semiconductor ecosystem provides engagement across the development of a semiconductor. This ecosystem includes integrated device manufacturing (IDM), fabless companies, foundries and equipment manufacturers.
The current chip shortage was brought on by a series of environmental, geo-political and pandemic related events that forced many manufacturers to slow production and revise forecasting. This resulted in a scramble of available chips when manufacturers increased production.