Linda Yaccarino & Mike Chapman on Peacock’s potential for rethinking ads

Building a new media business from the inside out

Digital is disrupting entire value chains and business models across many industries. For media and entertainment companies, it provides exciting new growth opportunities. To grasp them, you need a clear and flexible vision and a bold transformation approach.

Accenture is helping media businesses design, pilot, and scale new products and offerings faster, allowing them to tap into growth and rotate to the New.

What does "post-digital" mean for media companies?

As a society we’re nearing a turning point in digital enterprise, where more businesses will have completed their digital transformations than not. Digital-era technology, which began as a differentiating advantage years ago, is now expected from every business. But its impact is still changing the relationship between businesses and society, and the expectations of individual people.

The digital saturation of reality has granted media & entertainment companies with the potential for exceptional capabilities. They can understand their customers with a new depth of granularity. They have more channels than ever to reach those consumers. And with companies in every industry heavily investing in digital technologies, there are more digital ecosystems and more potential partners to help companies create holistic experiences. But these capabilities and advantages are now available to every organization.

Looking forward into the post-digital era, how will media leaders set themselves apart?

The Media Technology Vision explores five trends that will shape the industry over the next five years and provide strategies that will set winners apart.

Unleashing the value of a platform

In 2019, for the first time, consumers spent more time on digital media than on any other traditional format. To compete, and win, in this massively disrupted landscape, traditional media businesses need to take action on three critical fronts:

Establishing direct customer channels

Develop a direct relationship with end customers, as traditional wholesalers are now positioned to become retailers through platform enablement.

Becoming an intelligent enterprise

Shift value to creators based on customer engagement and become a more intelligent enterprise to extend customer lifetime value.

Expanding monetization

Expand monetization beyond subscription, taking into account the long-tail opportunity of the digital economy as a lever for unleashing trapped value.

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