Decoding the food innovation wave

See how Accenture spots the food innovation wave based on evolving needs for quick, healthy, socially responsible products that elevate experiences.

"If you're competitor-focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something. Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering."

— JEFF BEZOS, Founder and CEO – Amazon

Welcome to the next wave of food innovation

COVID-19 has created many uncertainties, but our very human desires for comfort, health and indulgence in food have not changed. The pandemic has radically boosted their importance in our daily lives.

Convenience, health, personalization are now ‘needs’ within a new context and with new meaning. And, the ways we fulfil these needs have also shifted with technology giving us a new hero – ecommerce.

Consumer preferences year over year

Current year: 2016

0%10%20%30%40%50%60%Replenishment subscriptionDo it myselfSmart ReorderingDo it for MeUnlikelyOccasionalSecondaryDominant

The consumer's new hero - ecommerce

Want to keep health on track?

Witness the rise of the Replenishment Subscription business model for example, India’s Milk Basket doorstep deliveries, which helps keep temptations away.

Needing to please a house of individuals daily?

Feel the relief in the proliferation of Do It Myself models like Nestlé’s investment in Mindful Chef – subscription chef inspired meal kits with the convenience of no waste ingredients and instructions.

Shocked by the food waste from endless packaging?

Amazon Dash technology giving way to the rise of the smart fridge, such as Imperfect Foods, which keeps you in supply of fresh food when it senses you are running low.

Supermarket trips lacking excitement?

Treat yourself, at any time of day, with the Do it for Me business model for takeaways, carry outs or deliveries from a wide range of established and celebrity restaurants - like the Jupiter model.

Want to nurture healthy foods?

Deliveroo is an incredible example of pivoting from a food delivery business to a healthy food platform. Its ecosystem has broadened to delivering on behalf of food brands and supermarkets with no previous direct route to the consumer. They also champion and nurture healthy food start-ups such as the YouTube owned Clean Kitchen Club.

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But what's next?

Consumer needs are changing, and the pressure is on. What work are you doing on the ones that have yet to emerge?


of people wanting to make a fundamental change to health.


say conscious consumption will drive their future shopping choices.

The Extract experience

The future is by nature mysterious, and while it twists and turns can sometimes feel overwhelming, it can also be very exciting.

While technology is playing a pivotal role in helping business models meet shifting food needs at home, there is a much more compelling driver of food innovation. Human needs for nutritional performance globally are going to continue to push all players in the food chain to deliver even higher standards, in ways that also match our urgent economic and sustainability needs.

You don’t have to wait to see what is coming: - many of the seeds of change are being sown now if you know where to look and how to decode the signals around our food and health behaviors.

To help with the decoding, Accenture created the Extract - to continue to pioneer with food businesses of all types, and bring together our vast ecosystem of leading technological knowhow, academic networks and innovation and foresight experts to work together to identify solutions around the future of the three essentials: Growing, Buying and Living. Challenges such as improving resource efficiency within the circular economy, improving the nutrient goodness of our soil and ingredients, delivering convenient nutritionally dense and delicious foods, and supporting a self-sustaining population from the youngest to the oldest in society are all being explored in our client conversations.

There is a place at the table for everyone

Hear how Kellogg has rooted its purpose in feeding and fulfilling real people, uniting four capabilities (culinary, sensory, design and piloting technology) to accelerate solutions designed for wellbeing and enjoyment.

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