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Accenture Customer Innovation Network

Ideas to impact

How we do it


  • Gather specialists to help tackle obstacles in creating your future.
  • Bring the latest industry thought leaders, technologies and content to explore the art of the possible and INSPIRE growth.
  • Provide a hands-on environment for experimenting and learning.
  • Act as your personal trainer for innovation.
  • Create a roadmap to guide you to your future.


  • Develop INSIGHTS through customized, immersive research to help address your most pressing needs.
  • Tap into tools—social listening, consumer/ employee insights, edge analytics, store tours, thought-provoking questioning, capability assessments, introspection, human experience—in an offsite location to promote collaborative problem-solving.


  • Apply design thinking approaches to IDEATE innovative solutions that address pain points faced by end users.
  • Draw upon methods and tools such as value hacking, gamification, social innovation, breaking orthodoxies, customer journey, value chain journey.
  • Create an immersive, highly collaborative environment to stimulate open sharing of ideas.


  • Convert ideas into business IMPACT by quickly prototyping, piloting, learning and adapting
  • Help organizations create their own innovation labs and programs.
  • Use global innovation labs, agile sprints, minimal viable product and value confirmation approaches.
  • Design and build end-to-end innovation solutions to help organizations grow and succeed.

Our leaders

Karen Voelker

Midwest Innovation Lead and Chicago Innovation Hub Director

Cassidy Beadle

North America Lead

Maria Mazzone

Managing Director – Consumer Industries & Innovation, EMEA

Yvonne Lim

Regional Lead – Innovation Hubs , Products Operating Group, Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East

Manisha Sriraman

Bangalore Co-Lead

Dhruv Bajpai

Bangalore Co-Lead