In brief

In brief

  • Pandemic disruption has fueled rapid cloud adoption, with most organizations making significant investments in digital infrastructure.
  • Companies should take this opportunity to enhance ecosystem data sharing by embracing blockchain-based multiparty systems alongside cloud investment.
  • Leaders that do so will be better positioned to coinnovate to create value and take better advantage of the cloud continuum across their ecosystems.

The majority of businesses are moving to cloud to respond to the pandemic and build resilience for tomorrow. Chances are your partners are, too—so why not do it together? This report outlines how multiparty systems can enhance ecosystem collaboration and complement your collective cloud transformation.

Multiparty systems augment your cloud capabilities by transforming how you share data across the ecosystem while maintaining privacy and control. Rather than collecting large volumes of data from siloes across disparate stakeholders and systems, relevant parties can seamlessly share access to a single record for greater transparency.


Number of workloads that will shift to the cloud over the next three to five years, with about a third of organizations moving more than 75% into the cloud across most regions of the world.


of executives agree that multiparty systems will enable their ecosystems to forge a more resilient and adaptable foundation to create new value with partner organizations.

In addition to lowering costs and boosting efficiency, shifting from a data accumulation to a data sharing structure also allows partners to wrest insights from large amounts of data—and respond with greater agility.

Collaborating across partners, peers and customers opens doors for innovation, products and services to help organizations thrive in the future.

But the mindset that hoarding data provides competitive advantage will hold you back. Coinnovation to create value tomorrow begins with a joint cloud and multiparty system strategy today. Learn what steps to take next in our new report.

How to build a successful ecosystem

Embrace the Continuum

Envision a cloud journey that includes a spectrum of new capabilities and supports continuous innovation.


Assess your partner landscape. Who do you share data with? Would a multiparty system be mutually beneficial?


Gather your minimum viable ecosystem. Establish a value proposition, motivations to participate and governing roles and responsibilities.


Build, operate and grow the ecosystem, products and value.

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David Treat

Global Metaverse Co-Lead and Technology Incubation Group Lead

Teresa Tung

Cloud First Chief Technologist

Justin Herzig

Sr. Principal, Lead – Global Blockchain Research


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