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Find your competitive advantage in trade finance

October 20, 2022 5-MINUTE READ


In brief

Challenges and opportunities

Demand for trade finance is booming and rising interest rates are fueling profitability. Yet this environment also creates opportunities for disruption, with many corporate clients seeking cheaper, more flexible access to trade finance.

Companies are shaking up their trade finance partners


are planning to change their roster of partners in the next 12 months


will change the number of partners on their current roster


already have five or more trade partners

There’s a gap between trade finance offerings and client needs


of businesses are willing to receive new trade finance products and services at this time

Navigating the new trade finance landscape

Frequently asked questions

Jared Rorrer

Managing Director – Global Commercial Banking Lead

Mahendra Kasula

Director – Corporate Banking and Innovation Lead, South East Asia

Venkat Ramaswamy

Senior Manager – Commercial Banking, North America