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Health Providers

Reinventing care delivery with a renewed focus on the patient and caregiver to humanize healthcare.

What’s going on

Health systems continue to face clinical labor shortages, burnout and inefficiencies-affecting access, quality and patient experience. Meanwhile, continued rising supply costs, administrative issues and lower reimbursements put a strain on operations and financial sustainability. 

Health systems that embrace current and new technologies and integrate them into their workflows can address today’s challenges and strengthen their long-term growth.

From traditional to generative, AI increasingly touches every part of the enterprise and comes with financial, legal and ethical implications. Responsible AI (RAI) is a discipline to drive value against organizational goals, compliance, and trust. It is a mechanism to drive value for patients, providers, and operators. Listen to the AHA webcast with executive, clinical and administrative leaders about best practices, challenges and how we can usher in the future of health care together.

What you can do

Make new revenue streams to offset fluctuation in demand and supply of core medical services. Engage your consumers with omni-channel experiences to expand their trust and wallet share. Build a strong network of partners to grow your reach and access. 

Reinvent the patient experience with optimized care processes, technology and resources using data, analytics and predictive models. Integrate physical and behavioral health and social determinants to reduce costs, improve satisfaction and outcomes.

Control costs by automating corporate functions, using shared service models, decision support and strategic sourcing. Improve facility operations and the patient experience by adding digital and physical assets and applying the latest technology.

Modernize core technology: data, cloud and artificial intelligence. Develop capabilities and break down silos by securely integrating data, platforms and AI. Free up clinical capacity and improve care delivery harmonizing technology with staff.

Support your people in their careers by enhancing the culture. Enable technology tools and systems to work hand-in-hand with staff, increasing capabilities and enabling them to focus on tasks that require human expertise and empathy.

Our leader

Jean-Pierre Stephan

Health, Provider Lead