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Celebrating innovation with our clients

Our global V360 Awards showcase how we embrace change to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity. See the winners.

Our internal V360 Awards celebrate Accenture teams that are innovating to deliver 360° value to our clients, company and community, and showcase how we embrace change and deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity.

Winning teams and their clients were celebrated in an event broadcast to all of Accenture. Here are some highlights from our client co-innovation category, which celebrates teams who co-created with clients to deliver exceptional innovation and value.

We want to recognize the amazing examples of how we are truly delivering on the promise of technology and human ingenuity

Julie Sweet / Chair & CEO

IYO Bank: Making banking more human

A suite of highly accessible mobile apps is making banking more personable than ever thanks to our co-innovation work with Japan’s IYO Bank.

What if your banking customers could open a new account in 10 minutes instead of 50? Or was your branch operational workload reduced drastically? For IYO Bank, one of Japan’s regional banks, all this (and more) is now reality thanks to the innovative solutions we have co-created over the past few years.

Together, Accenture and IYO Bank have developed a Digital-Human-Digital (DHD) approach to banking that leverages digital touchpoints, human consulting and digital operations. Featuring five innovative solutions, DHD is helping the Japanese banking industry move to a more human-centric world.

The first solution, AGENT, has replaced in-branch procedures with a chat-based system available on tablets. The second solution, HOME, is an enhanced mortgage service that shows customers the maximum amount they can apply for in just three minutes. SAFETY is a new loan app with a repayment feature that detects whenever there is a shortage of cash in one or more accounts. AGENT FOR MOBILE provides many of the same services available in any branch through the customers’ mobile devices. And finally, LIFE PALETTE helps create life plan simulations and supports live consultations to help customers start planning finances for the future.

The DHD model has been rolled out to five leading banks so far, paving the way for the survival of regional banks and creating a sustainable future where they can continue to support their communities.

Walt Disney Studios: Empowering film creatives with digital twins

From virtual location scouting to immersive spaces for collaboration, the digital twinning tools we’ve developed in partnership with Walt Disney Studios’ StudioLAB are enabling world-class storytelling.

Walt Disney Studios is creating more content than ever before. As it continues to push the boundaries of filmmaking, its storytellers need solutions rooted in cutting-edge technology. Partnering with Accenture—a founding member and innovation partner—StudioLAB developed digital twinning tools to streamline two major parts of the production process: pre-production and collaboration.

The Photogrammetry-as-a-Service tool is a cloud-based digital repository that enables location scouts to upload and organize photos in the cloud and generate textured 3D models of locations—within an hour. Walt Disney Studios has already used the tool to streamline and support pre-production and location scouting for major productions from Marvel Studios and 20th Century productions.

The Virtual StudioLAB, powered by Accenture's Immersive Collaboration Platform, is a digital twin of the brick-and-mortar StudioLAB facility that supports virtual meetings, ideation, tours, and collaboration. With these tools, Walt Disney Studios can continue building and scaling new spaces and experiences, enabling the magic to travel to wherever creativity sparks.

Bharat Petroleum: Empowering women entrepreneurs in rural India

The e-commerce platform created in collaboration with Bharat Petroleum enables rural women to become financially independent and accelerate growth of rural commerce in India.

Credit: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Together with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), one of India’s leading oil and gas companies, we’ve co-innovated a digital e-commerce platform that puts women entrepreneurs at the center.

Known as Urja Devis, the women entrepreneurs represent the trust and values built over the years between BPCL and its customers. We helped develop a digital platform that enables Urja Devis to serve rural consumers with greater convenience, variety, and quick delivery of vital products such as fuel, household goods, food items, and more. The platform offers these women an additional source of income, which can make all the difference to their families and communities.

Accenture has partnered with BPCL to develop this innovative digital backbone and the intuitive Urja Devi application, helping the company’s retail expansion and diversification plans. This game-changing platform will go a long way in impacting the lives of women and their families in rural and semi-urban India.