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With the rise in video as a powerful way to communicate, Accenture saw an opportunity to up our game. As a global digital company, we wanted to enhance our engagement and make it easy for our people to create high-end video and broadcast productions, affordably, for Accenture and for use with clients.

The challenge for our global IT and broadcast teams was to further develop Accenture’s existing video infrastructure and build a team with diverse talents who could bring out the best with it—and connect people through video and live events face to face, in a human way, anywhere, anytime.

Accenture Productions in action

Today, demand is high for broadcasts and video. Take a look at how Accenture Productions puts its creativity on display.

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When tech meets human ingenuity

Over the years, our global IT team transformed Accenture’s video conference rooms into a global network of studios that we now use to unleash the next level of video and broadcast creativity to meet our needs within Accenture and for our clients. Our network approach is in contrast to many other large organizations that may have only local, not connected, production studios in their corporate headquarters location. We also established three broadcast centers in Chicago, Prague and Delhi to tie our studio network together.

With such a tremendous technology capability in place, the broadcast team recognized Accenture had not only a platform to be creative, but also the potential to provide the creative to the content. To enliven content, we added television producers, graphic designers, technical directors, as well as individuals with skills in copywriting, videography, video editing, film directing, voice artistry, sound editing and lighting.

The outcome today is an in-house, fully equipped production organization called Accenture Productions with a team dedicated to delivering creative and compelling broadcasts and video experiences to Accenture audiences. It offers Accenture people an array of professional broadcast and video services end to end for their needs and for use with clients.

Broadcast capabilities and talent

From simple beginnings of one broadcast a year to now more than 250 productions a month, Accenture Productions’ broadcast capabilities today are television-like and impressive. The team manages video and broadcast productions such as Accenture leadership broadcasts, Accenture’s participation at the World Economic Forum, virtual leadership meetings, town halls, learning sessions and corporate function webcasts.

Accenture Productions creates live shows and recorded productions using broadcast studio capabilities for production, content creation, customization and multimedia editing. The team can operate remotely, without a presence in a physical studio, when and as needed, around the world. Live broadcasts are rendered by numerous virtual set designs and custom graphics and are professionally executed. In addition, by enabling the ingest of video into the broadcast centers, Accenture webcast presenters can easily join from any location through Microsoft Teams—there is no need to be in a studio or a physical location. Broadcasts are streamed seamlessly and cost-effectively from any broadcast center directly to viewers’ PCs or mobile devices.

Accenture Productions collaborates with Accenture teams to bring cutting-edge enterprise broadcast production. The team involves creative producers, technical directors, software engineers, digital media editors, and other talent. The team can also infuse other elements for a more interactive experience that include online polling, question and answers, games and survey options. They are a collaborative team that shares and inspires each other to make productions interesting and engaging.

Accenture Productions has deployed studios around the world with major studios located in Chicago, San Francisco and Bengaluru, and more planned. These studios offer full-scale production capabilities with everything needed to seamlessly carry out a high-quality video or recording broadcast. Accenture Productions manages studio operations locally or remotely, allowing presenters to focus on delivering content.

Accenture productions studio in San Francisco: A full-scale production capability that can carry out a high-quality video recording or broadcast.

In-house video creation

Accenture Productions brings ideas to life in recorded video with its creative team and end-to-end video solutions with production, content creation and multimedia editing using Accenture’s broadcast center capabilities.

Accenture’s network of global studios is equipped with a full suite of capabilities to enhance any live or recorded video production. Editors use the latest software tools to perform post-production activities ranging from minor edits to custom graphics, animation and voice-overs to complex enhancements, including color correction, audio correction, adding text and transitions, and creating powerful motion graphics.

Video recording can occur anywhere in full high definition using Accenture’s world-class video collaboration infrastructure; all that is required is an internet connection. Accenture Productions makes it easy—easy for Accenture people to create high-end, simple and affordable productions from almost any location. Individuals can record from studios, virtually from any location using a Microsoft Teams feed, and “pop-in” studios, small studios with essential video production capabilities that enable a recorded or live event at a fraction of the cost of an outside vendor. When needed, however, Accenture Productions also sets up and manages video shoots at offsite locations.

Human + results

The development of broadcast and video has long been strongly supported by Accenture leadership. Broadcast and video communications help foster a One Accenture culture and connect Accenture’s global workforce in a modern, digital—and human way.

Accenture leaders and people use the broadcast and pop-in studios located in offices all over the world to create and deliver live or recorded video productions. An individual can join a broadcast from whatever location is most convenient for them versus having to travel to a special studio or location. Broadcast and video capabilities are used for Accenture announcements, town halls, team communications, internal events such as Pride month and International Disability Day as well as outside events, training, analyst briefings, webcasts, and selling and delivering client work.

A valuable difference

Accenture is an organization that pushes the boundaries of what is possible. We have done so with the creation of Accenture Productions by bringing together cutting-edge IT and television broadcasting technology with creative talent and turning it into a powerhouse capability that a large, global enterprise like Accenture needs to connect. The capability operates at scale and is location independent—Accenture people can connect anywhere, anytime using video.

Getting to this point has been a multiyear journey, but it is hardly the end. Accenture Productions and our global IT organization continue to innovate and expand to offer innovative services.

"Accenture people, including our leaders, have really embraced video communications and use it extensively. There’s authenticity in video and a human connection that you can’t get from an email."

— JASON WARNKE, Managing Director – Global IT, Digital Experience

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