Our report discusses the emergence of quantum networks and how they will transform communications, cybersecurity and the Internet.

Every new industry is created by first movers. Their products set the standard, they capture the first customers, and their brand becomes forever associated with a new innovation. Now it’s happening with quantum communications.

Ultimately, the quantum Internet will open up opportunities in 3 key areas: secure communications, quantum sensing and distributed quantum computing

Communications service providers should act now to:


with the researchers, governments, companies and other first movers who are already building the future of communications.


with quantum experts to simulate with virtual networks and prototype with lab equipment to prepare for the new Internet era.


their own Quantum Center of Excellence to seize market opportunities and create a roadmap to success.

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The race is on

A quantum future is happening a lot quicker than most people realize. The first commercial quantum links are nearly here, with a quantum Internet connecting distant networks ready in 3 to 5 years.

The forward-thinkers that are creating quantum networks today will help shape the rules that govern a new industry tomorrow. They will be the first to provide their customers with more secure communications, and they will have a head start on a quantum Internet that will transform how the world works and lives.

Growing investment in quantum communications:


Government funding for quantum research in the world today.


Length of a quantum communication network in China that already connects several cities and a satellite in space.

Start your quantum journey

Interest in quantum technology has exploded as leading telecommunications companies connect with academics, governments and each other to share research, build networks and identify opportunities.

Along with hundreds of new and nimble quantum startups, this wave of activity and funding provides a wealth of options for companies that are wondering how to get started.

Find the right partner

Experts working at the cutting edge of quantum technology can help companies realize the power and potential of quantum communications.

These partnerships will open the door to the development of prototypes, experiments on virtual quantum networks and other practical steps that prepare businesses for the quantum era.

Significant breakthroughs are expected in the next several years.


Launch of the first satellite for a quantum communications network backed by the world’s biggest countries and companies.

3-5 years

The linking up of multiple quantum networks to create the first quantum Internet.

Begin to build

Inspired by the possibilities and satisfied with the tests, the next step is to build the physical and cultural infrastructure that will transform a company into a quantum leader.

An in-house Quantum Center of Excellence will nurture the technology and talent that ensures a business becomes a first mover in an exciting new field – setting the standards and capturing the opportunities.

Are you ready?

While the science behind quantum communications can be complicated, the pathway to success is clear.

  • Learn about the rapidly evolving world of quantum communications
  • Find partners and funding to jumpstart your quantum journey
  • Position your business for success in the new quantum Internet era

Bill Tanzola

Principal Director – Communications & Media, Technology Canada

Carl Dukatz

Lead – Global Quantum Program

David Treat

Global Metaverse Co-Lead and Technology Incubation Group Lead


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