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Live Interview

DHL Supply Chain: Making digital supply chain a reality

The Industrialist: An interview with Dr. Markus Voss, Global CIO and COO of DHL Supply Chain

October 24, 2023

The Industrialist is your essential guide to the industrial industry. Each month, discover how Industrial companies create and compete, the new business practices and trends to watch, and which individuals are shaping the future of the industrial sector. For this edition, we talked to DHL Supply Chain's CIO and COO Markus Voss about digitalizing supply chains, and how his team is leveraging data and advanced technologies such as robotics solutions, machine learning and generative AI, to enable his clients’ businesses to become more resilient.

Tomas Tichy, Managing Director and Accenture’s Freight and Logistics lead for Europe, talked to Markus Voss about how DHL Supply Chain is responding to continuous disruptions of supply chains while advancing its digitalization agenda, and how he sees the future of contract logistics.

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Digitalization is instrumental for getting the visibility into the supply chain to respond to unforeseen changes.

Dr. Markus Voss / Chief Information Officer and Chief Operations Officer, DHL Supply Chain

Trends, innovations, and insights you need to know

From the latest trends and tools to ground-breaking technologies and innovations impacting the manufacturing and industrial arena, Innovate is designed to keep you up to date. This month, read about a new consortium to manufacture semiconductors in Europe, an electronic vehicle control system promising a new era of responsiveness and stability, and the conversational AI program developed for plant and construction sectors, and more.

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Our take

Insights and advice on how to reimagine your business and operations by capitalizing on new technologies:

  • Reinventing enterprise operations: 9% of organizations identified in Accenture’s research are leading the way when it comes to generating and sustaining value. Discover the five actions you can take to reinvent your operations and enable growth for the whole enterprise.
  • The benefits of supply chain visibility: Our research shows that the visibility of supply chains correlates strongly with their resilience. Find out about the components of intelligent visibility, and how AI and analytics are making operations more transparent.
  • Leading with edge: How to reinvent with data and AI: These days, everyone's talking about AI. But for those looking ahead, it's edge computing that's poised to accelerate innovations powered by AI. Our new report explains how you can harness edge to drive scale and reinvention—and hone your competitive advantage.

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