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What we do

Accenture's Product and Platform Engineering Services team helps clients navigate through the new wave of platforms.

With more than three decades of experience, our deep engineering-skilled workforce of over 8,000 professionals has grown out of the development of our own commercially-available software and platforms.

We have expertise across more than 40 industries and all business functions, delivering transformational outcomes for a demanding, new digital world, and continuing to keep pace with ever-evolving customer needs.

Accenture acquires Fairway Technologies to bolster Product and Platform Engineering Services

Product and Platform Engineering Services

Accenture's video shows how we are helping clients develop new products and platforms to power their businesses into the future. See more.

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Next-gen platforms

The digital economy, coupled with the progression of technologies, has led to the identification of multiple new avenues to innovate across a user's experience. Disruptions through innovative business models and new product or service offerings have become common.

Maintaining leadership in this environment requires consistent and fast-paced innovation, and every enterprise today needs to ask how it can keep pace with ever-evolving consumer needs.

Traditionally, the technology infrastructure used by a company for building a series of products for its users was called a platform. The beneficiaries were often restricted within the product or service to fulfill a task. However, the evolution of technology has led to a proliferation of innovative business models and cross-industry vertical partnerships, which has brought about a complete evolution in platform thinking.

Meet our lead

We are currently at a technological inflection point where incremental changes to products and services are no longer enough to act as a security blanket from disruption.

Ram Ramalingam

Managing Director – Product & Platform Engineering Services

Our services

We provide comprehensive product and platform engineering services that address the full technology stack throughout the entire product lifecycle, delivering increased revenue and service levels.

Core platform engineering

Shift from a product to a platform mentality by architecting and developing an API and ecosystem strategy for a scalable and future-ready platform.

Software product engineering

Architect and manage the development lifecycle for the base product—from roadmap development, to build, test, deploy, sustain and support—at pace.

Platform enablement

Promote partner ecosystems to maximize platform adoption and achieve the revenue uplift from platform use.

Device engineering

Design and develop software that runs the device, including silicon, appliance and embedded devices to maximize performance.

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How we help our clients

Accenture’s Innovation Architecture allows us to take an end-to-end, innovation-led approach to helping clients "imagine and invent" their futures.

Engineering compute optimization

A unique solution to increase utilization by real time scoring of jobs, using AI/ML through planning and intelligent dashboards.

Quality engineering as a platform

A unified software infrastructure to support seamless multiple hardware/software platform development and testing in a CI/CD framework.

Product sustenance and innovation

End-of-the-life products engineering and sustenance can help clients to drive innovation, efficiency and cost savings.


A preconfigured solution for deploying a platform for clients quickly (ready for use in minutes).

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Our depth of experience


Over 8,000 engineering services professionals experienced in building software for performance and scalability.


In licensed software delivered each year.


Connected devices shipped to date with Accenture built software.


Commercial cloud-based software products in the market.

"We help clients take advantage of the limitless possibilities that platforms offer, while accelerating their journey in the platform economy."

– RAM RAMALINGAM, Managing Director – Product & Platform Engineering Services

A leading provider of product engineering services

Zinnov has positioned Accenture as the leading provider of Product and Platform Engineering Services — Enterprise Software Ratings — in the Zinnov Zones 2019: Engineering Research & Development (ER&D) Report. In addition, Accenture was positioned as the leading provider of both User Experience Engineering Services and Platform Engineering Services, ahead of all competitors. Learn more

Zinnov zones - leading service providers

A leader in HFS software product engineering blueprint report

Accenture is recognized for its consulting-driven approach to services delivery, particularly in connected platform engineering. The report cites the global scope of Accenture’s work with its partners and specifically highlights the company’s strength in Europe and APAC, regions where very few service providers have a strong overall delivery presence. Learn more

What we think

Accenture details cloud manufacturing success strategies for companies bringing manufacturing operations management systems into the cloud.

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