Property & Casualty (P&C) services

We help P&C insurers to improve their policy, distribution and claims functions and to benefit from digital technology and transformation.

Catalyzing P&C insurance innovation

Property and casualty (P&C) insurers are investing heavily in digital transformation strategies—not only to help them streamline their current business processes, but to enable totally new business and operating models.

AI, the connected insurer, data-driven insurance and the advance of ecosystems are just a few of the digitally-driven innovations that are disrupting the industry. To counter these threats—and in fact to take advantage of these innovations to become disruptors in their own right—many are turning to Accenture. We can help you respond nimbly to market shifts without taking on extra cost or complexity by utilizing our P&C insurance services.

Why Accenture

For more than 30 years, we have worked with many of the world's leading P&C insurers. We collaborate with clients to plan and implement the complex business and operational changes needed to achieve high performance in a volatile market.


We work with nine of the top 10 and 27 of the top 30 P&C insurers and serve 30 of the top 35 insurance companies ranked in the Fortune Global 500.

Top insurance and digital talent

We have specialist resources in distribution, underwriting, claims and policy administration operations, and in digital insurance.

Global network of centers of excellence

Accenture has a global network of 40+ industry and technology specific innovation centers.

Growing ecosystem

Accenture has alliances with the leading software providers and continues to make strategic acquisitions to boost its own capabilities.

Full-service offering

Accenture offers a complete range of services from pure strategic consulting to implementation and ongoing managed services.

Innovative commercial arrangements

Accenture focuses on outcomes, and will structure fees and deals to suit your needs.

Extensive and growing intellectual capital

Our research and benchmarks give our clients practical roadmaps for turning opportunities into profitable growth.

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Case studies

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