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Navigating the impact of COVID-19 in life sciences

Many life sciences companies are working and collaborating tirelessly to develop treatments for COVID-19. At the same time, they must also advance the vaccines and treatments in their pipelines that are essential for so many other health issues.

Overcoming challenges in the life sciences industry

A game-changing new supply chain network

Vaccine supply chain network facilitation

With the pandemic, a game-changing new supply chain network was needed for lightspeed delivery and safe handling of a unique new cold chain drug.

Lead with integrity and trust

Leading with integrity in response to COVID-19

The actions companies take now will affect trust in the industry and progress in science. We identify four ways that may advance this objective.

What we learned


of patients want to use technology more for communicating with healthcare providers and managing their conditions.


of patients used new devices or apps to help manage conditions remotely during COVID-19.


of HCPs saw a decrease in the number of patients visiting their practice during COVID-19.

What we think

Is COVID-19 altering how pharma engages with HCPs?

We asked 720 healthcare providers (HCPs) globally on how operations and needs changed during COVID-19 and...

How COVID-19 has changed patient behavior

Accenture's Patient Survey sets out changes in care during coronavirus and found a major shift to virtual care.

Agility and innovation: MedTech COVID-19 response

MedTech companies can take swift action to help solve for the COVID-19 crisis with a mindset of agility and...

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