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Soar through the cloud to drive growth in CPG

February 11, 2021


In brief

Barriers to fully moving to the cloud

Business leader commitment

Forty-two percent of executives see misalignment between IT and the business as a barrier to full cloud adoption, according to our cloud research

The cloud as a catalyst and accelerator

Real-time insights from connected data

Integrate and mine different large data sets. Increase data security, accuracy, synchronization, curation, distribution. Achieve real-time reporting.

Immediate access to new capabilities and products

Gain access to a full suite of new capabilities and products and to state-of-the-art solutions supported by built in continuous improvement.

Ability to leapfrog digital natives

Advance business capabilities to quickly leapfrog and gain capabilities the unicorns and cloud native companies have.

Simulation abilities at people’s fingertips

Access to AI and ML capabilities in a seamless way via parallel processing, use of Big Data and access to improved ML algorithms.

Increased collaboration across the ecosystem

Cloud serves as a connector to the wider ecosystem. Improves collaboration and information sharing across partners, clients and customers.

Three steps to help CPGs unlock value

About the Authors

Marc van der Net

Managing Director – Consumer Goods and Services Lead, Europe

Oliver Wright

Senior Managing Director – Consumer Goods & Services, Global Lead

Liz Deninzon

Senior Manager – Accenture Strategy, Consumer Goods and Services

Gregor Davidson

Managing Director – Technology Strategy & Advisory, Consumer Goods & Services

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