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Emerging technology preserving memories & history

April 26, 2022 10-MINUTE READ

In brief

Thanks to human-machine collaboration, the Arolsen Archives can enter an estimated 40X more documents per hour into a searchable database.

Powered by Solutions.AI

Technology meets human ingenuity

AI reviews documents

Solutions.AI reviews the documents and assigns a confidence level to each field (e.g., last name, religion, region, etc.).

AI assigns confidence levels

Solutions.AI assigns a “high” confidence level to documents that it can read easily.

Humans review selected documents

Humans provide feedback on high-confidence documents to help the AI better interpret lower-confidence documents.

AI learns and improves

Feedback from volunteers and historians continually improves the accuracy and speed of document preservation.

"Our work is to make sure victims’ stories can be told, so we can be vigilant when we witness intolerance."

— FLORIANE AZOULAY, Executive Director – Arolsen Archives, Germany

The Arolsen Archives

Meet the team

David Metnick

Managing Director – Education, Health and Public Service

Robin Boggs

Managing Director – Corporate Citizenship, US

Max Furmanov

Lead – Cloud First Design

Prof. Dr. Svenja Falk

Managing Director – Research, EMEA

Ian Lever

Management Consultant – Strategy and Consulting Public Service, North America

Mary Kate Morley Ryan

Managing Director – Talent & Organization

John Mannion

Manager – Strategy & Consulting, Health & Public Service
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