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Cloud Continuum Control Plane

June 6, 2022 10-MINUTE READ


In brief

An opportunity to supercharge the business


of organizations are seeing substantially greater gains than the rest

The complexity trade-off you can’t ignore

Continuum Control Plane: A way to create harmony out of complexity

The Continuum Control Plane is a holistic approach to instilling transparency, orchestrating change, driving innovation and delivering higher and more cost-effective IT performance.

How a Continuum Control Plane delivers value across the business

It helps leadership cut through the noise and stay focused.

It helps IT holistically tackle complexities.

It allows developers and operators to automate more of their tasks at scale.

It helps CFOs take out a significant proportion of their cloud costs.

It helps security teams better manage risk in complex distributed hybrid environments.

It helps people managers attract and retain the best IT talent.

And it does this in a consistent and integrated way—regardless of the type of cloud.

But what exactly is a Continuum Control Plane?

Six lenses through which to view performance

FinOps lens

Provides control over cloud costs, enabling capabilities like show back and chargeback across the hybrid cloud estate.

AIOps lens

Provides critical transparency and monitoring functionality across the technology stack, from infrastructure through middleware to applications.

SecOps lens

Enables the business to apply market-leading security and compliance, both within each cloud estate and across the enterprise IT environment.

DevOps lens

Enables Development and Operations to automate tasks, minimizing the potential for human error, reducing outages, and increasing speed to market.

GitOps lens

Enables automated provisioning and infrastructure-as-code. Cuts configuration drift, speeds time to market, and supports continuity.

BizOps lens

Provides critical service intelligence, offering real-time insight into the whole of the technology stack.

A way to balance agility with stability

How to get started? Most likely you already have.

The key point: this doesn’t need to happen all at once. The organization can evolve its Control Plane capabilities incrementally, focus area by focus area, platform by platform, cloud practice by cloud practice.

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Michael Heyen

Managing Director – Global Practice Lead Hybrid Cloud

Michael has extensive experience on cloud and infrastructure transformations across the full Cloud Continuum and is part of the global leadership team.

David Wood

Managing Director, Growth & Strategy Lead – Cloud First

David works with senior executives overseeing IT strategy, business innovation initiatives and large transformation programs.

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