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Celebrating our people’s ingenuity and driving client value

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December 14, 2021

20 years of Advanced Technology Centers in India!

When I joined Accenture in 2006, the technology industry in India was largely about Application and Infrastructure management. With time, the trajectory has changed, and we have evolved far beyond. As I look at the Advanced Technology Centers in India (ATCI) now, we are value accelerators for our clients. We are the hub of Innovation, creating 360° Value. The bold moves we made has enabled us to work with our clients to embrace change together and respond to market dynamics with speed and agility.

Putting people first

Creating a better world requires extraordinary talent, so we invested in our people early on and powered our clients’ transformation with a broad spectrum of relevant technology and industry skills. Around eight years ago, when our annual Tech Vision 2014 made a bold statement “Every Business is a Digital Business”, we became a powerhouse in Accenture’s journey and responded rapidly by scaling up teams with special skills required for the digital business. We topped this by building a robust Innovation agenda and encouraged people with specific Industry domain knowledge the opportunity to be embedded at the core of digital. There has been no stopping since.

For the buzzing tech talent across India, the message was loud and clear. With the right skills,  an innovative mindset and the passion to make a difference, anyone could grow with us and build their career the way they wanted. This has remained true to date. One can join us and work with the best people, the best companies across industries and solve some of the world’s toughest problems faced by enterprises and communities -- all while learning across the breadth and depth of technology. We are career accelerators in technology, offering boundaryless opportunities to learn, grow and advance in a diverse culture of shared success.

Creating long-term value for clients

From the early years, we understood the needs for solving real-life business issues and the need for specialized teams. Multiple Centers of Excellence, interconnected globally to get the best brains together, were set up across locations in India. We peaked this with the launch of world class Innovation Hubs across Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Pune. Even as the world embraced new ways of working over the past two years, the spark of innovation that these Hubs lit, continues to fire the imagination of our people who strive to co-innovate and create solutions with our clients. Our engineering teams have transformed technology delivery by designing and creating world class assets such as myWizard for automation and myNav for Cloud. These are being deployed for our clients to ace their transformation journey and unlock multi-dimensional value.

New ways of working

When the pandemic set in, we devoted our energies to care for what matters the most —our people—prioritizing not just their emotional, mental, and physical well-being but also that of their families. And then, we extended humanitarian efforts to the community – by providing access to healthcare, equipment and vaccination to a large section of society.

Flexibility is top of mind for our people. We are offering flexibility to our people in ways that the industry has never seen before, with a location independent job model. Our people can now choose to work from any of the cities we are in, choose how many days they would like to work from the center or opt to continue working from their home, in their hometown! With the hybrid work model, we are taking a similar approach to hiring and workforce engagement.

Moving ahead with confidence

Today, our teams drive some of the largest and most complex transformations for clients, with deep skills in critical areas which includes experience design and supply chain, to address the current reality. They are leading the charge as catalysts for compressed transformation.

I can confidently say that we’re well on our way to advance our technology agenda and positively impact our people, clients and communities -- delivering 360° Value, with sustainability at the core.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we will remain committed to delivering on the promise of technology and human ingenuity, every single day.

By embracing change.


Mahesh V. Zurale

Global Lead – Advanced Technology Centers