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Society disrupted, now what?

October 29, 2020


In brief

Five emerging lifestyles

The state of health

Influences where we travel. Travelers will need to accept new social norms and health measures in exchange for renewed freedom of movement. This heightened focus on individual and collective wellbeing will accelerate investments in health services and making digital health more cybersecure.

Environmental concerns

Drive new modes of transport. How we move will hinge on cleaner, more sustainable vehicles. Demand will accelerate for micro-vehicles, e.g. rentable e-bikes, seen as cheaper and time-saving alternatives to other modes of personal transport.

Affordable tech

Increases economic self-sufficiency and enables micro-entrepreneurs to create more income streams, as more young people develop relevant ICT skills.

Smarter habitats

Inspire more connected living. Tech-enabled neighborhoods with hyper-connected 5G networks, IoT and renewable energy infrastructures will offer more vibrant, versatile and sustainable spaces – especially in high-density urban areas.

Responsible denizens

Care about how their spending habits impact communities. A drive for transparency over food and other products is shifting demand to local suppliers.

Valentin de Miguel

Senior Managing Director – Chief Strategy Officer, Growth Markets

Valentin is focused on helping C-suite executives develop strategies to transform and reimagine their organizations to enable continuous innovation, from idea to execution.

Dr. Vedrana Savic

Managing Director – Thought leadership

Vedrana’s research focuses on business disruption, enterprise innovation, investment strategy and organizational change.

Trevor Gruzin

Senior Managing Director – Growth & Strategy, Growth Markets

​Trevor focuses on advising companies and governments on strategy (Business, IT, Digital), innovation applied to business and operating models, and transformation. His specific focus is on how technology can disrupt companies and industries.