We often try taking up a new habit or behavior but struggle to keep going when life gets in the way. Most self-help techniques don’t work either. While there are many problems in the world over which we don’t have any control, there are parts of our life which we can have more control over. Kaizen as a transformative concept and methodology can be used to rewire the brain's chemistry to make one more likely to stick to habits and new challenges.

The concept of Kaizen

Kaizen means “good change” or improvement”. It assumes that our life deserves to be continuously improved. This improvement can be big or small, one time or continuous. Kaizen can be tailored to one’s needs and we can choose to adopt it at our own pace. In doing so, it can enable us to overhaul current habits, acquire new skills and knowledge and abandon unproductive behaviors.

The philosophy of Kaizen isn’t about change for change’s sake but about identifying specific goals and then making small, manageable steps to achieve them.

  • Kaizen is free and accessible.
  • It offers a clear structural framework for going about change.
  • It encourages us to change habits in incremental ways and to be gentle if things don’t go as planned.
  • This feeling of success even when one is able to achieve small goals is contagious and spurs one to achieve more.

How does it work?

Kaizen can help in goal setting, taking stock of the progress and rewarding when even small success is achieved. The book shares inspiring ways to do all the above in various areas of life—health, work, money, home, relationships and taking up new habits.

By laying down thoughts on what we want to achieve, stepping out of comfort zones, interrogating what isn’t working and making short and long term goals, we listen to the body and mind. We create good habits that work for us and let go of the ones that aren't helping. This gives us the confidence to achieve more.

Change is difficult but Kaizen makes it possible

We live in a world where there is clutter and noise, the expectation of immediate results and overnight success, such that it is easy to forget being mindful of mind and body and what works for us. That is what Kaizen helps with. There will be stumbling blocks, but Kaizen is a great way to reduce sources of stress and bring about new and exciting improvements in things which are in our ambit. Try it for yourself today.

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