In today’s complex business environment, women are chartering into domains that weren’t typically marked for them. They are blurring the gender boundaries and opting for roles that used to be considered "men’s only" including offshore roles, deep tech and sales. At this time, when the ecosystem is changing so quickly, women need to support of each other a lot more.

Many challenges women professionals face today are alike. The hesitation to speak up at a large conference, the apprehension of presenting a new idea or simply asking for a doesn't come as easily to all women as it may come to their male counterparts. Even when an even playing field is provided by the employer, the approach of women employees across all stages of their work life cycle may differ.

So, how do women support other women to overcome these subtle aspects at work? Crystal Martin puts it across in three simple points in her TED Talk.

Crystal Martin is the CoderGirl Program Director at LaunchCode, an education program designed to educate women in tech. She is passionate about equal access to education and believes women at work need to help each other more than seeking it from outside.

Here are three ways in which this can be done.

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Have a collective voice

Crystal states that 41 percent of women leave the tech industry in a span of first 10 years because they do not feel supported. Senior women need to be there for younger women who join work. They need to mentor them and amplify the voices of these young women who are going to be hugely inspired by the ways and work ethics of senior women leaders they come across in the initial years of their careers.

Be an advocate for other women

The only way for women to advance at work is to have someone else in a position of power advocate for them and stand up for them whenever they feel the need for this support. As a leader, a co-worker, a peer, it is your responsibility to bring attention to these problems.

Give credit where it is due

We only rise by lifting others, and it is imperative to support others while we climb the ladder. In this complex workplace environment, we need to make a conscious effort to give women due credit at all stages for their ideas.

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