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Disability inclusion

National Award for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities

We’re an Outstanding Employer in the category 'Divyangajano Ke Liye Sarvashrestha Niyoktha'

1 billion reasons we commit to disability inclusion

Enabling innovation through inclusion

35,000+ Disability Inclusion Allies worldwide.
16,000+ Disability Inclusion Allies in India.

34 Accessibility Centers, state-of-the-art tech support center to test and experience accessible and assistive technologies. 

Inclusive medical policies including coverage of medical devices, assistive technologies, and therapies.

Accessibility Virtual Express Lane, a multichannel technology support for our persons with disability.

Indian Sign Language with video call offers dedicated tech support to people with hearing and speech impairment.

Inclusive leadership

Being an ally is an ongoing, transformative process that involves continuously enriching one's learning to become a more adept ally in practice.

Sanjay Dawar
Managing Director & Lead – Capability Network, Global Network (Argentina, India & Poland) & Strategy
Accelerating equality for all

Lead the change with Inclusion & diversity. Join us in our commitment to create a world where everyone feels like they belong.

Breaking down barriers

The disability inclusion imperative

Companies that focus on disability inclusion show 1.6x more revenue, 2.6x more net income, and 2x more economic profit. 
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AI leads the way forward

AI is a powerful tool in enabling the inclusion of people with disabilities through advancing technology. Let’s take a deeper look at this. Read more.

Barrier-free communication with Indian Sign Language

Inclusion to thriving: Meet our people

Anil Jain

"Having experienced the challenges of an acquired disability, I can confidently say that the enablement created through assistive technology is truly empowering for people with disabilities"

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Sangeeta S Iyer

“I never felt discriminated or judged for my disability and was always given equal opportunities and support from my leaders. These were true enablers for my career growth” 

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Pawas Anand

“We have leaders who are stalwarts in their respective fields who operate with heart, compassion and with the goal to make persons with disabilities successful”

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Sheetal Potdar

“The support I received from Accenture after my diagnosis inspired me to fight my battles. As a PwD – a person with dreams. I chose ‘try me’ instead of ‘why me’.” 

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Celebrating abilities – Blog

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