Accenture digital persona solution

Powered by deepfake technology, Accenture’s solution is helping the Museum of Arts & Photography build deeper connections with visitors.

Enhancing visitors' experience

The Museum of Arts & Photography (MAP), based in Bengaluru, India, plans to take art and culture to the heart of the community and make it accessible and engaging for diverse audiences. Combining digital innovation with the magic of visual arts, the museum intends to provide audiences with a unique visitor experience.

Helping MAP realize this, the team from Accenture Labs has created India’s first conversational digital persona of an artist, using advanced technologies including face superimposition and speech synthesis through deep learning to create synthetic video and audio; and natural language understanding and natural language processing to enable interactive dialogue. Visitors will be able to have a life-like conversation with the digital twin of the artist by asking questions and receiving answers in the artist’s words and voice. With this solution, a so-far passive museum experience will evolve into an interactive and immersive one.

Potential of human-centered computing technology

The solution, an art of the possible, illustrates how human-centered computing technology can be deployed across industries including healthcare, retail and media & entertainment to name a few to enhance customer experiences.

Accenture has a rich history of working closely with several museums across the world, enriching their exhibitions using technologies . As a company committed to diversity, Accenture strongly believes museums to be a strong symbol of history and contemporary society as well as custodians of art and culture. The company uses innovative technologies to help museums reimagine their offerings to not only make it contextual in today’s digitally-driven world but also in preserving and presenting them for posterity.

Build strong, positive connection using deepfake

Deepfake technology has already been applied in multiple industries. And as deepfakes are more commonly used as a force for good, it’ll only become more sophisticated and more accessible. 

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