Terms and conditions are specific for each Accenture entity and follow local country regulations.

To locate the terms and conditions relevant to your purchase order, identify the country of the Accenture entity from which you are receiving the purchase order and open the link associated with that country. If there is more than one link associated with the country, match the Accenture entity on your purchase order to the appropriate link. Purchase orders show the Accenture entity issuing the purchase order under the Bill to Address.

Country Purchase Order Terms and Conditions by Entity
Andorra Accenture – Andorra (Spanish) [PDF]
Argentina Accenture – Argentina (Spanish) [PDF]
Australia Accenture – Australia (General) [PDF]
Accenture – Australia (Small Business) [PDF]
The Monkeys AU – PO Terms and Conditions (English) [PDF]
Austria Accenture – Austria [PDF]
Bahrain Accenture – Bahrain [PDF]
Belgium Accenture – Belgium [PDF]
Brazil Accenture – Brazil (Portuguese) [PDF]
Brunei Accenture – Brunei [PDF]
Bulgaria Accenture – Bulgaria [PDF]
Canada Accenture – Canada [PDF]
Chile Accenture – Chile (Spanish) [PDF]
Colombia Accenture – Colombia (Spanish) [PDF]
Costa Rica Accenture – Costa Rica (Spanish) [PDF]
Czech Republic Accenture – Czech Republic [PDF]
Denmark Accenture – Denmark [PDF]
Hjaltelin Stahl – PO Terms & Conditions (English) [PDF]
Pegasus – PO Terms & Conditions (English) [PDF]
Egypt Accenture – Egypt [PDF]
Finland Accenture – Finland [PDF]
France Accenture – France (English) [PDF]
Accenture – France (French) [PDF]
Accenture Service Provider Standards of Compliance & Ethics (English) [PDF]
Accenture Service Provider Standards of Compliance & Ethics (French) [PDF]
Germany Accenture – Germany [PDF]
Accenture Kolle Rebbe - PO Terms and Conditions (English) [PDF]
Accenture Kolle Rebbe - PO Terms and Conditions (German) [PDF]
Greece Accenture – Greece [PDF]
Hong Kong Accenture – Greater China – Hong Kong [PDF]
Hungary Accenture – Hungary (English) [PDF]
Accenture – Hungary (Hungarian) [PDF]
India Accenture – India [PDF]
Accenture Operations Services Pvt Ltd [PDF]
Indonesia Accenture – Indonesia [PDF]
Ireland Accenture – Ireland [PDF]
Rothco – PO Terms & Conditions [PDF]
Israel Accenture – Israel [PDF]
Italy Accenture – Italy [PDF]
Japan Accenture – Japan (English) [PDF]
Accenture – Japan (Japanese) [PDF]
IMJ – PO Terms & Conditions (English) [PDF]
IMJ – PO Terms & Conditions (Japanese) [PDF]
Latvia Accenture – Latvia [PDF]
Luxembourg Accenture – Luxembourg [PDF]
Malaysia Accenture – Malaysia [PDF]
Mainland China Accenture – Greater China – Mainland [PDF]
Mauritius Accenture – Mauritius [PDF]
Mexico Accenture – Mexico (Spanish) [PDF]
Morocco Accenture – Morocco [PDF]
Netherlands Accenture – Netherlands [PDF]
New Zealand Accenture – New Zealand [PDF]
The Monkeys NZ – PO Terms and Conditions (English) [PDF]
Nigeria Accenture – Nigeria [PDF]
Norway Accenture – Norway [PDF]
Peru Accenture – Peru (Spanish) [PDF]
Philippines Accenture – Philippines [PDF]
Poland Accenture – Poland [PDF]
Portugal Accenture – Portugal (English) [PDF]
Accenture – Portugal (Portuguese) [PDF]
Qatar Accenture – Qatar [PDF]
Romania Accenture – Romania (English) [PDF]
Accenture – Romania (Romanian) [PDF]
Russia Accenture – Russia (English) [PDF]
Accenture – Russia (Russian) [PDF]
Saudi Arabia Accenture – Saudi Arabia [PDF]
Singapore Accenture – Singapore [PDF]
Slovakia Accenture – Slovakia [PDF]
South Africa Accenture – South Africa [PDF]
Spain Accenture – Spain (English) [PDF]
Accenture – Spain (Spanish) [PDF]
Shackleton S.L.U. – PO Terms & Conditions (English) [PDF]
Shackleton S.L.U. – PO Terms & Conditions (Spanish) [PDF]
Sri Lanka Accenture – Sri Lanka [PDF]
Sweden Accenture – Sweden [PDF]
Switzerland Accenture – Switzerland [PDF]
Taiwan Accenture – Greater China – Taiwan [PDF]
Thailand Accenture – Thailand [PDF]
Accenture – Thailand (IT One) [PDF]
Turkey Accenture – Turkey (English) [PDF]
Accenture – Turkey (Turkish) [PDF]
UAE Accenture – UAE [PDF]
UK Accenture Karmarama – PO Terms & Conditions [PDF]
Accenture Kream – PO Terms & Conditions [PDF]
Accenture – UK [PDF]
Accenture Droga5 – UK – PO Terms and Conditions [PDF]
CreativeDrive EMEA LTD – PO Terms & Conditions (English) [PDF]
US Accenture – US [PDF]
Accenture Droga5 – US – PO Terms and Conditions [PDF]
CreativeDrive US LLC – PO Terms & Conditions (English) [PDF]
Vietnam Accenture – Vietnam [PDF]
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