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Return to Workplace


Accelerating radical growth through interoperability

Start your journey to re-open with Accenture

We face a common set of challenges…


Thinking critically about your safety policies/procedures and what changes you’re going to need to make in operations to re-open safely.


How to start building trust and confidence now with your employees and customers to bring them back.


Reimagining your new workspace and workday to maintain a safe environment and stay open.


How to adapt your business and unlock new digital opportunities that creates value for your customers and accelerates performance.

Accenture COVID-19 Vaccine Management Solution

DEMYSTIFIED: Return to workplace strategies

Helping you get back to the workplace confidently


Our Leaders

Bryan Berumen

Lead – Salesforce Business Group, EMEA

Dennis Alby

Managing Director – Salesforce Business Group, Public Sector

Ryan Powell

Managing Director – Salesforce Business Group, Global Innovation, North America Public Service Lead