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Accenture Behavioral Health Solution

The mental health crisis


Adults with mental illness who do not receive treatment (Source: Mental Health America)


Likelihood of someone with mental illness being shot by the police vs. other civilians approached or stopped by law enforcement (Source: Treatment Advocacy Center)


Youth with major depression who do not receive any mental health treatment (Source: Mental Health America)

One hotline for suicide prevention, mental health

What states implement to serve 988 callers could mean the difference between life and death.

Public sector health

Sustainable programs. Healthier communities.

Omnichannel platform for 24/7 crisis support

Easily accessible behavioral health support

Omnichannel engagement

so people can move seamlessly between phone, text or chat

Command center

for call intake, routing and tracking to facilitate referrals AND closed-loop follow-up

Interoperability with external systems

to enable more effective crisis response and care coordination

Michigan leads the way with MiCAL

How will your state leverage 988?

How do people in crisis find and access behavioral health services that providers offer in our region?

Can people who call in crisis be directed to the right resources to meet their immediate behavioral health needs?

Do we know if the person has been helped or if they have been lost in the system?

Do crisis hotlines, 911 services and 211 services know how to direct people? Are they equipped with the right resources to provide care to the person experiencing a behavioral health crisis?

Voices of Accenture

Our leaders

Kristin Thorn

Managing Director - Health & Public Service, Public Health

Pawel Walczuk

Senior Manager – Public Service, Behavioral Health Lead, North America

Teri Lewis

Managing Director – Consulting, Public Service Sales Lead, North America

Carie Clements

Associate Director – Consulting, Public Service, North America
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