Automotive Experience Decision Engine

Reimagining the customer journey by connecting data, content, technology and channels.


Today’s automotive customers are looking for consistent, relevant and connected experiences. To achieve this, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) need to become service-led, creating engaging and meaningful omnichannel experiences.

Accenture’s Automotive Experience Decision Engine solution aims to re-imagine the customer experience, providing a data-powered decision-making engine to deliver hyper-relevant content and real-time interactions across markets and channels. It is the perfect combination of data, platform, insights and experience.

By leveraging assets, industry offerings, capabilities, client experiences and talent, the Automotive Experience Decision Engine helps OEMs address challenges in customer engagement and omnichannel experience, using a value-led and data-driven approach. It is implemented leveraging a modular architecture, ensuring seamless integration into existing technology and systems.



New sources of revenue generation

Generates new revenue growth opportunities by creating customer loyalty that will ultimately drive product and service re-purchase.

Consistent client experience

Improve marketing and sales effectiveness by providing consistent, individual and integrated customer experiences across the value chain.

Always relevant

Create hyper-relevant experiences using the power of applied intelligence.

Modular approach for easy integration

Seamless integration into existing client landscape, systems and technology.

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Enabling architecture

The foundation of the engine. Connecting data sources, system architecture, content creation and delivery.

Integrated data sources

Customer, product and third-party data collected and used to create a holistic view of the customer.

Experience generation

Real-time creation of relevant and dynamic content, leveraging computer generated imaging (CGI) capabilities.

Decision engine

Data-driven recommendation engine using data, automation and artificial intelligence.

Omnichannel engagement

Hyper-personalized experiences, consistent across all touchpoints and channels.

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Pivoting toward the automotive industry’s future success.

Accenture explains why it's time for OEMs to take innovation seriously and holistically reimagine the automotive customer experience.

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