Call for change

Switzerland’s leading telecommunications provider, Swisscom, is relied on for fast, smooth communications access. The company wanted to extend this reputation to its customer service to meet their evolving expectations. To do so, Swisscom needed to reimagine its digital services and move away from siloed, legacy systems. The company wanted an omnichannel approach built on a modern, multi-layered architecture that allowed seamless, personalized and faster customer experience.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Swisscom unified its systems, including customer data, through Accenture’s proprietary Digital Omni Channel Platform (DOCP), a microservice-based framework that decouples from customer experience. Its advanced data analytics capability enables complex personalization and drive interactions from expensive channels, such as call centers, to online self-service options. What's more, by addressing their core technologies, the company found opportunities across the organization for optimization of processes. The project didn’t just transform Swisscom’s CRM services it shifted their entire IT mindset. And it now takes a fraction of the time to get new products and services to market.

A valuable difference

With DOCP, Swisscom offers customers a holistic, omnichannel experience focused on individual needs. The improvement is evident, with a 16% increase in Swisscom’s Net Promoter Score, a key marker of customer satisfaction. Getting new offerings to market is easier, with faster deployment. This brought down IT development costs, as functionalities can now be reused across channels and legacy systems can be phased out. By creating an improved customer experience, cost savings and faster innovation, the omnichannel transformation is improving Swisscom’s business. They are now taking lessons learned and their new technologies to their B2B offerings.

Swisscom saw a 16% bump in its Net Promoter Score, a key marker of customer satisfaction.

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