Na’ama Goldberg

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Na’ama Goldberg


Technology Consulting Analyst



Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Business & Technology Integration


BA, University of Cambridge
“Being part of a team with supportive & encouraging colleagues helps me fulfill professional strengths which I didn’t realize I had before”.

What I Do

Since the Accenture Office in Israel is smaller than many others, my work as an analyst is widely varied, something which I consider to be an advantageous learning opportunity as a beginner in the company. To further enrich my learning experience, and to enhance the office environment, I am also committed to assist with ongoing tasks that will streamline internal communication and save colleague’s time.

Day In My Life

Since I moved to Israel just over a year ago, no day is the same as the one before! I am discovering new opportunities each day, from learning about cutting-edge topics & professional techniques at Accenture, to discovering new aspects about life in Tel Aviv.

I recently worked on a team defining a CRM framework for a leading Israeli Bank’s corporate division. It was exciting to be part that project which set a new precedent in the field. I am now working on a social networking strategy project that is building on the work I conducted for my university dissertation, as well as exposing me to a unique business perspective within the field.

Outside The Office

I attend a philosophy lesson once a week, which for me is an exciting way to discover more about different ways of seeing, experiencing and accessing the world. I also spend my free time with friends and family, either travelling or cooking traditional family dishes. On the weekends I try to dedicate time to my biggest passion – creative writing!

My Advice

I may have not been at Accenture for a very long time, but I have come to learn that its people and their knowledge are its greatest resource. My advice is that everyone, especially earlier on in their Accenture career, should take advantage of the resources at their disposal and question those around them. I am also a strong believer that one should not shy away from sharing their opinion on critical matters where they think these could add value. Lastly, I think that we should all learn from each other’s strengths and take note of the inspiring characteristics we identify in our manager’s approaches to their work. In my eyes this is one of the best ways to become an innovative leader.