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Eco Action

Sustainability Innovation Challenge 2022

Sustainability Innovation Challenge 2022

Future of climate resilient communities

TIST: A tree planting program to mitigate climate risks and provide farmers with access to new revenue streams through voluntary carbon markets.

Sponsored by the Paris Innovation Center

Future of energy

A new set of data-driven capabilities designed to assess high-value components of our clients’ value chains and accelerate their journey to more circular supply chains.

Sponsored by the Houston Innovation Hub

Future of sustainable consumers

Impact Now: A platform connecting the client’s existing digital ecosystem to incentivize sustainable activities and build planet-friendly habits.

Sponsored by the Seattle Innovation Hub

Future of food

Next Frontiers Farming: The innovation collects data from farmers’ inputs providing transparency to consumers via blockchain and scanning technologies.

Sponsored by the Chicago Innovation Hub

Future of sustainable software

Environment CO2T: End2End embedded intelligent CO2 calculator to be scaled across the client’s tools.    

Sponsored by the San Francisco Labs, Liquid Studios & Tech Sustainability

Future of net-positive water

WOTER Exchange: A marketplace for water exchange to extend the life of water by trading recycled wastewater and reallocating unutilized water.

Sponsored by the Advanced Technology Centers India

Future of climate action education

Ceru: A flexible learning platform providing educators with resources to monitor students’ eco-impact and inspire next-generation sustainable thinkers.

Sponsored by the New York Innovation Hub

Eco volunteering

Making climate-smart choices

More about sustainability