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Intelligent Organization Accelerator

Making impossible more than possible

Intelligent Organization Accelerator | Accenture

How we work

Identify the opportunity with confidence

  • Proprietary data sets, research and technologies to identify and understand opportunities and frame value potential.
  • AI-enabled investigation beyond reporting lines to penetrate the organization and understand the work people are doing.
  • Automation and advanced algorithms for deeper insights, fast.

Power the transformation with exceptional intelligence

  • Analytics informed, tech-enabled experimentation and evaluation of org data to transcend basic scenario modeling.
  • Co-creation and human+machine evaluation to design the future organization.
  • Pressure-testing objective data sets with AI to challenge ingrained internal bias for fact-based decision making.
  • Transition management and realization tracking enabled by leading technology.

Hack the organization for enduring change

  • Ability for continuous mining of unstructured data like email and online activity to paint a truly connected and “live” view of the org that surpasses traditional ERP systems and HR databases.
  • Experimenting, monitoring and adjusting constantly and with agility.
  • Enduring capability of leadership to drive real, value-based and sustainable evolution.

Value delivered wherever you are on your journey

The resilient operating model

Building organizational agility and resiliency to respond to continuously changing markets and customer behaviors.

What we think

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Move fast to thrive: Intelligent operating model

Three quarters of businesses report increased disruption from shifting customer demands and new competitors. Yet their operating models aren't changing at pace.

M&A: Does your talent approach fit your deal?

Organization and talent approaches should vary for common deal types, using technology to accelerate and sustain M&A value.

Our leaders

Paul Jeruchimowitz

Senior Managing Director Talent & Organization, Operating Model & Organizational Design, Global Lead

Kent McMillan

Managing Director – Talent & Organization, Operating Model & Organizational Design

Rob Rubin

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Zero-Based Organization Global Lead

Ashwin Acharya

Managing Director – Applied Intelligence, Solutions.AI for Talent Strategy & Development Lead