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Accenture Software Defined Vehicle Solutions

The new mobility ecosystem

Our Software Defined Vehicle Solutions help OEMs and platform players build and monetize digital platforms to create, deliver, and continuously shape unique user experiences. We help our clients accelerate into the new mobility ecosystem.

$3.5 trillion

Revenue generated through digital services will increase from $300 million today, to $3.5 trillion by 2040.


By 2030, annual unit production of software-defined vehicles will surpass 90% of total production, up from 1.5% in 2020.


Create new revenue opportunities

Optimize your strategy, architecture and organization to become digital. Integrate vehicles, cloud, and customer interfaces for scalable platform growth.

Superior customer experience

Build a strong tech foundation and processes to deliver exciting customer experiences and meet their changing needs, inside and outside of the car.

Scale your SW assets

Our cutting-edge software and expert support help you build flexible and reusable E/E, SW, and cloud architectures.

Streamline your engineering processes

Through our systems engineering expertise, test factories, device farms and automation solutions we help streamline your software development process.

Increase speed to market

Use our data-driven tools to assess integration and testing potential. Speed up R&D with existing assets and build your team with our global delivery centers.

Build an effective partner ecosystem

Collaborate with a trusted ecosystem of partners to integrate the tech platforms and maintain strategic control.

Agile organizational structure

Break down organizational silos to focus on customers, product ownership and use tools such as SAFe/DevOps to accelerate transformation.


Software-defined advisory

We help OEMs and suppliers execute their strategy for end-to-end transformations from masterplan to operational actions.

Systems engineering

We unlock the potential of systems engineering, delivering end-to-end processes, methods and tools from requirements to testing.

Software and platform development

Our software engineering accelerates automotive software development with best-in-class stacks, onboard and in the cloud.

End-to-end holistic approach

We address strategy, systems engineering, and product development holistically to enable software defined vehicles.

What we think

Automotive industry fast lane is software‐defined

To compete effectively in this new world, OEMs must transform across their entire organization.

Automotive customer experience rebooted

Pivoting toward the automotive industry’s future success.

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