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Green transition in Automotive

How can OEMs prioritize sustainability and grow?

New roadmap for the automotive circular economy

Optimizing in silos is no longer an option: Accenture and the World Economic Forum are proposing a five-level taxonomy towards the circular car.

Practical benefits of this industry-wide evolution

Dual challenges

By 2030, global demand for mobility is set to increase by 70%. At the same time, the automotive sector must reduce carbon emissions by at least 50%.

A delicate balance

New industry solutions—like enhanced fleet electrification and seamless charging—will help balance the need for mobility and sustainability.

A three-pronged win

The e-mobility revolution can significantly reduce resource consumption while accelerating recovery from the pandemic and supporting growth.



Assess and identify priority solutions through data-driven insights to help companies set—and meet—their targets.


Develop a holistic, actionable plan for sustainable innovation across the value chain.


Deliver integrated solutions and insights to track impact and drive tangible progress toward sustainability goals.

BMW Group’s Urby Mobility

Why Accenture

Together with energy companies and utilities, we’re helping organizations make their mark in the e-revolution.

Our leaders

Juergen Reers

Senior Managing Director – Global Industry Sector Lead, Automotive

Teodoro Lio

Senior Managing Director – Consumer and Manufacturing Industries

Sandro Orneli

Sustainability Strategy Lead EMEA, Accenture

Alexander Holst

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Sustainability

What we think

Uniting technology and sustainability

Sustainability has become a priority for business leaders who are facing rising calls for change.

Automotive circular economy: Levels of circularity

A circular car maximizes value to society, the environment, the economy, and it efficiently utilizes resources and public goods.

The electric vehicle: More than a new powertrain

The mobility industry has been responding to a global demand for lligher sustainability for many years, and the electric vehicle (EV) is one answer.