Industry X

Our Accenture Labs Industry X R&D Group works to transform the manufacturing life cycle through AI- and IoT-driven intelligent automation.

Top areas of focus

With intelligent automation at the center, we focus on the next wave of transformation in manufacturing technologies.

Engineering data digitization tool

In one recent project, Accenture Labs professionals are developing an AI-powered tool to automate the digitization of engineering documents.

Intelligent trend detection tool

Our researchers are working on a heuristics tool to help clients spot product development trends in their industries—for example, “smart” hospitals.

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Industry X

A convergence of breakthrough technologies—analytics, artificial intelligence, mixed reality and more—enables mass customization with smart, connected products, in real-time. We call this “Industry X”


What we think

Any company can become a Champion: Our report examines the challenges associated with innovation and explains how to earn more by scaling.

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Technology Innovation blog

Our Technology Innovation Blog provides bold thinking and commentary of technologies that address the key business challenges facing organizations today.

Twin-driven and AI-enabled is the future of product development

More and more companies today are seeking to add digital twins to their operations, but implementing digital twins can be tricky for companies.

Artificial intelligence: Powerful, adaptable, valuable—and vulnerable

Learn how we are developing ways to de-risk the use of AI for our clients and to defend AI from adversarial attacks.

Unlocking the potential of “Human+” workers in the post-digital era

Accenture's blog explains how the future workforce will be empowered by their skillsets, knowledge and growing set of technology enabled capabilities.

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