Application Engineering R&D

Through intelligent automation, our Application Engineering R&D professionals speed up the application development process while increasing quality.

Top areas of focus

Our Software Engineering researchers embed intelligent automation in the development lifecycle. We pioneer new approaches, architectures, deployment models, trust models, and testing techniques that latest applications require.

Engineering gets “liquid” and intelligent

We developed an application testing prototype using extended reality, enabling engineers to “walk into” a virtual, 3-D representation of an application.

Verifying machine learning applications

Our new “Metamorphic Testing” approach to ID implementation bugs in machine learning-based image classifiers has shown a success rate of 71 percent.

Prioritizing test scripts with Markov and Bayesian methods

By prioritizing the test scripts that are most likely to fail, developers can accelerate the identification and fixing of bugs and get their products to market faster.

Through AI, making learning personal

At our Bangalore Lab, we’re exploring how AI and knowledge graphs can help employees upskill through personalized and adaptive “microlearning.

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Leading quality engineering into the new

We explain how across five dimensions—data, frameworks, process, technology, and the organization—testing will shift away from the traditional approaches towards new ideas and new methodologies.


What we think

Non-profits and NGOs are embracing blockchain for humanitarian efforts. Yet, why are most of these applications still in pilot stages?

Traditional IT boundaries are blurring, but patchwork ways of working and applications from another era hold business back. We see a different future

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