We’re working and living in a time of unprecedented technology innovation fueled by rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud computing, virtual reality and more.

Oracle technologies are at the core of these changes, and, individually and collectively, create an imperative to reinvent and reimagine the way we do business.

This future also carries broader responsibility. In the Accenture Technology Vision for Oracle 2018 we describe five forces shaping business into the next three years, and Oracle’s critical role in each.

Together, Accenture and Oracle help our clients shift to cloud-first models and take other steps to unleash the Intelligent Enterprise. Join us.

“Through Oracle, business gains opportunities at every level of the enterprise to create deeper partnerships, accelerate performance and unlock growth.”

– TERRI STRAUSS, Senior Managing Director, Oracle Business Group

Accenture Technology Vision for Oracle 2018

This year’s Accenture Technology Vision highlights five emerging trends shaping the way technology is increasing businesses’ impact across society—and how we see Oracle’s unsurpassed database resources and continued investment in digital technologies as a catalyst for our clients to be at the heart of this change.

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A quick overview of this year’s main theme, the five trends and how Oracle technology is at the heart of these changes.

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Trend 1 – Citizen AI

As artificial intelligence capabilities grow—and with it, AI’s impact on people’s lives—business leaders must “raise” their AI to act as responsible, productive members of society.

Accenture and Oracle are helping clients to embed AI—inclusive of chatbots and predictive decision making—into their operations to improve customer experiences and citizen services.

Trend 2 – Extended Reality

Virtual and augmented reality technologies are removing the distance to people, information and experiences, transforming the ways people live and work.

Accenture and Oracle are working together to deliver virtual and augmented reality using new, immersive capabilities to enhance the overall customer experience while boosting bottom-line results.

Trend 3 – Data Veracity

The importance of trust businesses, as they transform to run on data, create a new kind of vulnerability: inaccurate, manipulated and biased data that leads to corrupted insights and skewed decisions that could have a major impact on society.

Working with Accenture, Oracle is well ahead of this trend with its Data-as-a-Service offering. Additionally, Oracle’s new Autonomous Database Services help companies significantly improve the integrity and richness of their data while enhancing relationships with people.

Trend 4 – Frictionless Business

Businesses depend on technology-based partnerships for growth, but their own legacy systems aren’t designed to support partnerships at scale.

To fully power the connected enterprise, companies must first re‑architect themselves. Accenture and Oracle help clients rotate to the “new” through joint, go-to-market products and services in banking and blockchain, while supporting the accessibility and extending the lifetime of core legacy systems.

Trend 5 – Internet of Thinking

Creating Intelligent Distributed Systems Business leaders are making big bets on intelligent environments via robotics, AI and immersive experiences. To bring these intelligent environments to life, we must extend IT infrastructures into the dynamic, real-world environments we want to reach.

From industry-specific platforms to workforce wearables, Accenture is supporting Oracle in powering this expansion by investing in the Internet of Things and in the next generation of cloud computing, all of it developed for AI and real-time data driven workloads.

79 %

percent of executives agree that organizations are basing their most critical systems and strategies on data, yet many have not invested in the capabilities to verify the truth within it.

84 %

percent of business and IT executives surveyed agree that through technology, companies are weaving themselves seamlessly into the fabric of how people live today.

88 %

percent of respondents' state that it is very important for employees and customers to understand the general principles their organizations use to make AI-based decisions.

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