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Making your ESG tech investment count with cloud

October 31, 2022 5-MINUTE READ


In brief

To future-proof the business—and boost confidence during ESG audits—CPGs must build new data, tech and operational muscle that will drive sustainability and help them deliver on their ESG goals.

These are three moves CPGs should make on ESG:

1. Invest but align first


Companies linking tech and sustainability transformation are 2.5x more likely to be business leaders.1


Companies linking tech and sustainability transformation are more likely—49% vs. 30%—to engage value chain partners along the sustainability journey.1

2. Acknowledge the data iceberg below the surface

3. Urgently design the right tech foundation


of companies say that measuring ESG data continues to be a big challenge despite making technology advancements.4


of CEOs are using tech to collect and manage organization-wide ESG data; yet only one-quarter of these say they are managing it at an advanced level because they lack the proper foundation.4

Gregor Davidson

Managing Director – Technology Strategy & Advisory, Consumer Goods & Services

Marc van der Net

Managing Director – Consumer Goods & Services Lead, EMEA

Elanthirayan Jayaraman

Senior Manager – Strategy and Consulting, Consumer Goods and Services

Leapfrog with the right tech investments