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COVID-19: Managing the impact on procurement for resilience and growth

April 14, 2020


In brief

How is COVID-19 affecting procurement?

Procurement leaders now need to pay attention to the medium-term security of the supply base, unlocking funds intelligently and building resilience for the future.

Five key areas will demand procurement’s immediate attention

1. Put people first

Develop a refreshed digitally-driven procurement operating model and new ways of working with internal customers, the supplier ecosystem, and external partners.

2. Secure the supply base

Manage and mitigate supply uncertainty with suppliers of all sizes – small, medium and large.

3. Unlock funds intelligently

Double down on responsible interventions to minimize unnecessary spending and preserve cash for future growth initiatives.

4. Build resilience for the future

Update risk management strategies to ensure resilient, purpose-led procurement decisions.

5. Innovate with purpose

Take a purpose-led approach to build greater trust, transparency, customer centricity, and innovation as economies rebound.


of consumers want companies to stand up for the issues they are passionate about.


of Gen Y and Z consumers are more attracted to brands that source services and materials in highly ethical ways. 1

Coronavirus, procurement & the future

Stay the course

Plan for a downturn lasting several months, or longer, as well as for the risk that infection might return globally, regionally or locally.

Learn and evolve

Using artificial intelligence, take this opportunity to uncover and understand weaknesses that were previously hidden. Adopt a mindset of continuous innovation. Challenge established norms to better protect your people, your supply chain and the societies you serve.

Be a force for good

Lead with purpose, responsibility, excellence, confidence, and humility. Reshape the organization to combine greater resilience and responsibility and help both the business and society come through stronger.

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