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CFO Now: Breakthrough speed for breakout value

February 9, 2021


In brief

CFO Now: Breakthrough speed for breakout value

Creating value through the strategic use of technology


of CFOs have final say on the technology direction of the enterprise.

Speed within reach

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CFOs as economic guardians

Lead an efficient and effective finance function… focused on predictive insights in a volatile world.

CFOs as architects of business value

Collaborate with the C-suite to drive strategic change across the enterprise.

CFOs as catalysts of digital strategy

Create insights for new business models and realize value in a digital world.

About the research


We surveyed 1,300+ CFOs and senior finance executives from around the globe and conducted more than 40 qualitative interviews between April and June 2020 as part of our ongoing research on the changing roles and responsibilities of CFOs.


We analyzed 245 S&P 500 companies across 10 industries to model the applications of differentiated speed—predictive, data-driven decision-making via use of digital tech and zero-basing of workloads.

About the Authors


Senior Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, CFO & Enterprise Value Global Lead

Aneel Delawalla

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, CFO & Enterprise Value


Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting


Senior Principal – Accenture Research

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