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Appetite for disruption

We’re working with The Good Food Institute and Food System Innovations to reinvent the meat alternatives industry and bring new alternative proteins into the mainstream.


Deforestation, pollution, climate-change—these are all pressing problems that are accelerating, in part, because of our global food systems. Conventional ways of making meat currently use 39% of the world’s habitable land. With meat consumption set to double in fewer than 30 years, we’re on an unsustainable path.

Breaking convention

One solution is developing new sources of protein and more efficient production processes. The challenge is that this new meat has to be genuinely appealing to consumers—it needs to taste and cost the same as conventional meat.

Despite the urgency of this problem, there is limited investment in research and development. On top of that, even if a feasible alternative to meat is found there’s no infrastructure in place to produce these new products at scale.

Winning the hunger games

We are working with The Good Food Institute and Food System Innovations to construct a vision for the Sustainable Protein Innovation Institute. Together, we are reinventing the meat alternatives industry.

Through a dedicated research center and collaboration hubs, the Sustainable Protein Innovation Institute aims to increase the pace of innovation and solve evolving development and commercialization challenges.

Together, we’re bringing alternative proteins including plant based, fermentation derived, and cultivated meat into the mainstream. We also have the capacity to uncover insights the industry can use to change consumer behavior on a global scale.

The stakes are high. Beyond a massive contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, industrial animal farming contributes to biodiversity loss, deforestation and raises the risk of pandemics and antibiotic resistance.

BRUCE FRIEDRICH / Founder & President, The Good Food Institute

Sustainably feeding the world

Working together, we aim to rapidly accelerate the development and worldwide adoption of meat alternatives within the decade—not only unlocking tremendous commercial growth, but also enabling the planet to sustainably and equitably feed 10 billion people by 2050.


Oliver Wright

Senior Managing Director – Consumer Goods & Services, Global Lead

Jenna Trescott

Managing Director – Consumer Goods & Services, Sustainability Strategy