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Manage costs and fuel growth with gen AI–powered productivity

Why cost & productivity reinvention matter


of traditional cost-reduction programs fail because the costs ultimately return. Successful transformation requires a shift from cost to cost-and-productivity


of all work hours could be affected by generative AI, as estimated by Accenture research


increase in productivity when companies put people at the center — unlocking the combination of data, tech and people

What you can do

Elevate operational and strategic work that drives competitiveness: dynamically reallocate budget and workforce to align with your strategic priorities. Reset the cost base to focus on work that creates value.

Advances in technology and generative AI are enabling leaders to completely reimagine work in ways that were not possible in the past. Focus on what must be done, not what has always been done, and fundamentally shift the mix of work.

Reinvent your organization by cultivating your people. This isn’t about optimization, it’s about creating an environment where people have the ability, opportunity and motivation to succeed. Align capital to strategic priorities over the long-term.

Our leaders

Christopher Roark

Lead – Strategy, North America, Cost & Productivity Reinvention Global Lead

Christopher McManus

Senior Managing Director – Strategy Cost & Productivity Reinvention Lead, North America

Amaury Reychler

Managing Director – Strategy Cost & Productivity Reinvention Lead, EMEA

Manish Chandra

Managing Director – Strategy Cost & Productivity Reinvention Lead, Growth Markets