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Radically Human

Technology advances are making tech more…human


World Economic Forum Book Club with Paul Daugherty

Praise for Radically Human

"Leading organizations recognize the strategic role of technology in the reinvention of their businesses. Radically Human offers an easy—to—understand primer on cloud, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies, and provides a clear, compelling framework that challenges current thinking with a new human—centric mindset on innovation."

Peter Zaffino, CEO, AIG

"In today’s business world, the greatest challenge is that most Homo Sapiens think linearly—but these people are playing the wrong game. Radically Human offers a set of tools and frameworks to remind everybody that the business world is not linear, but exponential."

Stephane Bancel, CEO, Moderna

"Radically Human offers businesses and leaders a startlingly fresh perspective on how the increasingly human face of advanced technology is transforming innovation. Paul Daugherty and Jim Wilson provide a clear roadmap that enables leaders to build their future in a way that maximizes talent and human potential."

Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global

"From emotional AI to the metaverse, digital technologies are rapidly advancing. Daugherty and Wilson offer a compelling blueprint for leaders to create business value while building a more human—centered, trustworthy, and sustainable society. A must—read!"

Erik Brynjolfsson, Professor and Director of the Digital Economy Lab at Stanford and author of The Second Machine Age

"Radically Human makes an original, provocative business case for human—centered tech. Companies that harness AI and other advanced technologies while keeping trust and talent at the fore will become this century’s greatest success stories. Paul Daugherty’s and James Wilson’s research reveals valuable insights, brilliant real—world examples, and a new framework to transform the future."

Amy Webb, CEO, Future Today Institute and senior fellow, Atlantic Council

"Radically Human turns upside down many of the assumptions on artificial intelligence and emerging technologies. Daugherty and Wilson make a strong case for a new, human—centered approach to technology leadership and provide a roadmap for a better future for all."

Dr. Kai—Fu Lee, Chairman and CEO, Sinovation Ventures and author of AI 2041 and AI Superpowers

"In Radically Human, Paul Daugherty and James Wilson paint an exhilarating perspective on the next stage of our technology development, one that puts the human at the center of a more sustainable future—a future that we will ultimately decide."

Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman & CEO, Schneider Electric

"Daugherty and Wilson take on the very important work of distilling down today's complex and rapidly changing business landscape. Their prior book examined the early rise of artificial intelligence and now the authors consider how far the technology has come to transform the traditional definitions of invention and innovation."

Peter Chen, CEO, Covariant

"In Radically Human, Paul Daugherty and James Wilson deftly illustrate how AI and other technologies will transform our future. Building on their extensive research and client experiences, the book makes a powerful case for why a human and humane approach will enable business leaders to disrupt competitors and chart a path toward a future that works for all."

R "Ray" Wang, CEO, Constellation Research and 2X Best Selling Author

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