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Zeroing out the past

September 20, 2017

Only one quarter of executives think their company’s operating model has evolved quickly enough to align to their strategy.

Zeroing Out the Past

Rethink the business

Reap the rewards of ZBO with these fundamentals

Be who you aspire to be

ZBO is rooted in the future work routine. Revisiting your strategy is important. If the strategy is wrong, it doesn’t matter if the work is right.

Design from the outside in

With design thinking, companies can bring a customer-first spirit to recreate the value chain.

Build it so they come

Automation, consolidation, standardization, renegotiation, reskilling and other levers free resources to orchestrate the ecosystem for growth.

Paul Jeruchimowitz

Senior Managing Director Talent & Organization, Operating Model & Organizational Design, Global Lead

Paul helps organizations design, implement and optimize large-scale integrated operating model and business services transformation programs.

Kent McMillan

Managing Director – Talent & Organization, Operating Model & Organizational Design

Kent works with executives to drive growth through enterprise-wide business transformations that enhance customer experiences and efficiencies.



Principal Director – Accenture Strategy​

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