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Creating new healthcare customer experiences​
New behaviors combined with new therapeutic and care models will lead to better experiences for all.
A new era of health innovation offers the opportunity to lower costs, boost access and inclusivity, and revolutionize treatment experiences and outcomes for all consumers—not just the most affluent or financially secure. While momentum for change has been building for some time, conditions are now perfect for an ambitious and fundamental reshaping of outdated processes. This involves focusing the whole organization on the delivery of exceptional, human-centric experiences and rewiring all functions of the organization—from research and development (e.g. product development, clinical trials) to commercial (e.g. marketing, data analytics, commerce, sales, and service).

Here we identify five opportunities to redefine the health experience. Individually, the opportunities are significant. Combined, they represent nothing short of a reimagination of the whole health domain.
We're reimagining experiences in additional industries besides health.


1. Home is where the health is

Where people receive care is changing, driven by digital technologies and changing consumer sentiment. The shift is toward high-quality healthcare brought directly to patients where and when they need it, most likely at home versus medical facilities.

2. Trust: The currency of health experience

Trust makes or breaks a health experience. To be a leader in tomorrow’s more equitable and transparent healthcare ecosystem, health and life sciences organizations must work closely with all healthcare stakeholders to redefine what trust means in healthcare.

3. The invisible backbone (Part 1: Oncology)

The days of dark, disconnected data are over. Connected products and spaces used to reimagine how we consume and use information across blended digital and physical healthcare interactions will remove avoidable friction and simplify decision-making, giving patients and HCPs time, clarity and control.

4. Boundaryless access: Beyond the digital front door

Access points to healthcare are increasing, but they restrict what consumers need: boundaryless experiences that empower people’s lifelong pursuit of health and well-being on their own terms, at their own pace. Tomorrow’s healthcare experience will be built by patients tailoring their own experience according to their own unique health needs.

5. (The business of) Experience innovation

Innovation is changing. By anchoring to human needs as the starting point for innovation, health outcomes and value creation become everyone’s responsibility, and problems are being solved in fundamentally new ways.

Experience reinvented

Necessity is the mother of invention, and it has accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic at unprecedented speed on a scale never seen before.

The consumer experience in health and life sciences has been slow to evolve—for patients, informal caregivers, healthcare professionals (HCPs) and researchers. But the wave of innovation and experimentation unleashed by COVID-19 and enabled by technology is accelerating changes that have been gathering pace for some time. A crucial component is a broad-based openness and acceptance of new models for screening, diagnosing, treating and delivering care among industry professionals and consumers alike.

The underlying trends now amplified and accelerated driving this reimagination fall into two broad categories.

Human trends:
A broad consumerization of health is underway, fueled by increasingly sophisticated consumer devices and relatively affordable and accessible technology. With this comes new expectations of ease of use, convenience, portability, safety and an orientation around the individual rather than around the system and its often-outdated processes. Virtual care is increasingly common and rapidly becoming the preferred method of interaction for patients, informal caregivers and HCPs. Appreciation of the fundamental role that behavioral health plays in health outcomes is also growing.

Organizational trends:
Digital technology has become core to an organization, and sophisticated technology is becoming more accessible, affordable and enables broad-based innovation. The healthcare ecosystem is changing with new entrants, new digital disruptors and new partnerships. However, the health and life sciences industries are now in the midst of a trust and transparency dilemma, and there is a continuing challenge around how to turn data into actionable and meaningful insights which can drive positive outcomes. A focus on social determinants of health is also changing opinion and influencing policy and regulations.
The healthcare industry will soon begin to look and behave very differently as new health experiences replace clunky and disjointed ones.

Embracing a modern healthcare customer journey​

The future health experience should be more impactful, meaningful and inclusive and should include the following:

  • A tailored experience that considers the whole person, their environment and their preferences instead of an impersonal, standardized approach.
  • A simple, accessible and portable lifelong journey replacing the fragmented, complex, opaque and transactional experience of the past.
  • Experiences that are proactive and offer guided, contextually relevant advice and real-time and actionable insights instead of a reactive model that’s uses historical data.
  • Health experiences that find and come to the patient in a form and at a time that suits them rather than the current model of people visiting and receiving treatment in clinics, hospitals and other care facilities.

Organizations that act now and set a high ambition level for human experience and embrace meaningful innovation will lead—and prosper from—this positive shift.

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