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In brief

From on—premise to cloud—to running in the cloud

A focus on four dimensions

Continuous optimization and transformation

Capitalizing on cloud is not just about being in the cloud; it’s about continuous optimization and transformation.

Multi-cloud provider approach

A multi-cloud provider approach spreads risk concentration and gives flexibility to use the best of whichever provider meets a business objective.

Enabling DevSecOps

To achieve many of the DevSecOps principles, being in the cloud is necessary; if not, an organization will fall short in getting to the desired state.

Secure from the start

Cloud complexity stemming from operating multiple clouds and the rapid release of new services to market requires enhanced cloud security.

Lessons learned

Cloud holds potential for new opportunities and advantages

"Our global IT organization’s ‘as-a-service’ capabilities vision will shift work from infrastructure management to capability development, leveraging cloud for automation, machine learning and AI. We focus on delivering more value back to the business."

— MERIM BECIROVIC, Managing Director – Global IT Cloud Computing, Accenture
Merim Becirovic


Responsible for core infrastructure, enterprise architecture and business operations directly supporting the business.

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