A leading European bank faced a global banking environment rife with complications–profitability pressures, fluctuating regulatory conditions, new business models, changing customer expectations–to name a few.

To combat these challenges, the bank knew it urgently needed to reimagine its core banking services, including master data, bank account management and succession. As part of this transformation, the bank also wanted to upgrade its regulatory, legal, business analysis and compliance measures. The solution: an innovative, agile operating model that could boost productivity, service quality and at the same time lower operational risks and costs.

What Accenture did

The bank teamed with Accenture to move to an intelligent operating model powered by data, technology, and talent. This new digital model enables reliable, cost-effective and high-quality services across the bank’s functions.

Managed service model

  • Transfer of a number of bank professionals to a NewCo owned by Accenture across multiple locations.
  • Upskill employees on new ways of working and systems.

Global productivity hub

  • New foundation for responsive operations that includes a control framework, automation identification tools, operational analytics, key risk indicators (KRIs) and volume forecasting tools.

Process tracking system

  • Measures progress against several key performance and risk indicators, providing insight into the time it takes to process requests, as well as the quality of the service provided.
  • Enables effective work orchestration between robots and people, including a “work allocation engine” and workflow management tools.

Automation and digital tools

  • Data entry and document controls for contacts and credit requests.
  • Backup system identifies invalid transactions, alerting experts and helping them resolve issues quickly.

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Accenture collaborated with the bank to establish a streamlined, efficient governance model that monitors, modifies and improves processes over time.

People and culture

By adopting intelligent technologies and upskilling its team, the bank shifted the focus of the workforce away from time-consuming, repetitive transactional tasks. With an intelligent operating model in place, banking professionals can take on more value-added activities and create new relevant roles. These new roles provide fresh opportunities to learn in-demand skills and to embrace more efficient and innovative ways of working.

Equipped with predictive insights and next-generation knowledge and tools, the talented team members are better positioned to make more informed, data-driven decisions faster—ultimately in ways that ensure business sustainability.

Employees in different functions now understand and realize the value each individual function brings to the table and more effectively collaborate to achieve organizational goals.

Value delivered

The bank has transformed its operational performance, end-to-end—reducing its compliance risk and decreasing costs in cash management and in procurement categories. Specifically, the bank has:


Cut operational losses due to data entry errors, incorrect payments, incorrect conformity check to zero, and reduced total cost of operations by 20-30%—ensuring business sustainability.


Made sure 98% of processes use advanced key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics—improving service speed and quality and increasing visibility into banking operations process performance.


Increased the conformity collateral rate by 30% in the area of credit risk–improving due diligence, recovery percentages and decreasing non-performing assets (NPAs).


Completed anti-money laundering (AML) legal investigations 100% on time—providing essential support and relevant documents to fiscal authorities.

SynOps: The catalyst for innovation

Going forward, Accenture is working with the bank to complete its digital evolution. In this next phase, the combined team is building a strategic roadmap that will use SynOps—a platform that accelerates the journey to a digital operating model—orchestrating and monitoring the optimal combination of human + machine talent, powered by data driven insights, to transform and strengthen banking operations and business sustainability.

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