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Oracle Human Capital Management


How we help organizations to power change

Rethink talent and HR from end to end

Help people be net better off

We help you understand what is most important to your employees and how to align culture and experiences to their priorities.

Hyper-personalized for the “workforce of one”

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all. Use hyper-personalization to help your talent see how their professional journeys align with business goals.

Reimagined for the future

We help develop talent strategies that enrich the relationship between people and technology to help unlock employees’ full potential.

Adapted for tomorrow’s skills

Continually evolving technology requires continually evolving skills. We help you identify skill needs and gaps, and shift to adaptive reskilling.

Transformed with digital technology

We’ll help you accelerate your digital HR transformation, creating a nimbler future-ready operating model that’s more responsive to business needs.


Engage and inspire your workforce

Put inclusion, diversity and equity into action

Change the workplace or hinder the workforce

Kick-start a value-led HCM transformation

Why choose Accenture?

Your transformation: supported

Our HR talent and organization offering will support your HR transformation and change enablement needs.

Accelerated delivery, minimized risk

Our assets, combined with our wealth of experience, improve the speed, efficiency and quality of delivery, while minimizing risk.

Powered by intelligence

From AI to automation to analytics, we help HR organizations get on the fast-track to the future of work.

What we think

Tech Vision for Oracle 2021: Lighting the way

Accenture is helping change leaders build ethical, sustainable businesses, delivering transformative solutions on Oracle Cloud with perpetual value.

Case studies

Mondadori uses Oracle to transform its HR

Accenture and Mondadori launched smart working by leveraging Oracle HCM solutions.

Shopping for cloud transformation

Leading retail company designed a multi-platform cloud approach, giving maximum flexibility and responsiveness at the lowest cost.

Mapei migrates a century of HR into the cloud

Using Oracle HCM as the solution of future success.

Welcome to the datasphere

Why choose Accenture for HCM?


We have more than 61,000+ Oracle skilled professionals across our global Oracle application services.


We offer over 2,000 Oracle tools and assets through our myConcerto platform.


Our teams are based in over 60 technology and innovation centers in 20 different countries.

Awards & recognition


Oracle Cloud HCM HR Heroes: Adapt Award – Poste Italiane


Oracle Partner of the Year

Accenture for HCM – Norway, Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy

Oracle Partner of the Year

Accenture for Cloud Implementation Excellence UKI, France, Italy, Belgium


Meet our lead

Jennifer Bowman

Oracle Midwest Market Unit Lead and Oracle Talent & HR Business Lead