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Accenture Technology Vision for Oracle 2021

September 28, 2022


In brief

Focusing on five key tech trends

Trend 1 | Stack Strategically: Architecting a Better Future

Trend 2 | Mirrored World: The Power of Massive, Intelligent, Digital Twins

Trend 3 | I, Technologist: The Democratization of Technology

Trend 4 | Anywhere, Everywhere: Bring Your Own Environment

Trend 5 | From Me to We: A Multiparty System’s Path Through Chaos


agree that their organization’s business and technology strategies are becoming inseparable—even indistinguishable.


believe that their organization’s ability to generate business value will increasingly be based on the limitations and opportunities of their technology architecture.


agree that to be agile and resilient, their organizations need to fast forward their digital transformation with cloud at its core.

Turning vision into value

About the Authors

Jennifer Bowman

Oracle Midwest Market Unit Lead and Oracle Talent & HR Business Lead

Laurence Bellenguez

Industry Lead – Oracle Business Group, North America

Michael Egger

Delivery and Sales Excellence ‒ Oracle Business Group, North America

Nish Patel

Managing Director – Oracle Business Group, North America

Szymon Wdowiak

Oracle Integrated Platform Lead – Oracle Business Group, EMEA


Ivan Škoflic

Oracle Integrated Platform Manager – Oracle Business Group, EMEA

Tomasz Przybyszewski

Data & Analytics Lead – Oracle Business Group, EMEA

Meet the team

Samia Tarraf

Lead – Oracle Business Group, Global

Andrea Cesarini

Oracle Business Group Lead, EMEA and Global CTO

Workplace Accountability Resource Experience

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